My Team

My Team

I always believed in keeping a signature mark in life through emotional and professional attires. As the web development solution technology stands as a contrast of both my emotion and profession I also let the jolly good fellows of my team to work with the same mission - love and enjoy your life, your job and your principles.

I developed as an umbrella for the freelancers to work under.I would like to include and welcome every professional freelancers who has a kind of expertise in web, mobile and software development with a sense of creativity and artistry. Actually this is a well equipped combination of like- minded professional freelance web developers working under a single room for a decade.

I welcome professional freelancers who like to work persistently and consistently in a free and charming environment to create a better web world where dreams come true. I personally and heartily endorse individual’s expertise and encourage them to bloom and nourish newer ideas to flourish into a full-grown web application with a ability to undulate the conventional world of web development.

On our experience, we can offer you all round web development, mobile application development and social API development services, SEO and software development services. I pride on my team, my techno-mates, my associate developers, designers and SEOs as they are versatile in experience with projects of different types.

I am always proud to have my regular associates in my team. They are the souls who work with me for web development of out-of-box kind, always ready to contribute the best with their part of input in every freelance web development project. My first and foremost responsibility is to analysis a project with experts and distribute according to skill preferences. Within a few hours, the best result comes out from the best of choices available. This is why every project that delivers out from my end remains the best work done by freelance web developers.

Manager -Shirsendu Das
Designation : System Analist / Project Manager
Domain Expertise : RDBMS, SAD, PHP, Java, OS & Servers, Search Engine Analyst, Html, CSS.
Hobbies: Solving Puzzles, Biking, Travel, foodie & cooking.

Kritika Roy
Designation : Web Designer
Domain Expertise : jQuery, Javascript, Html5, Css3.
Hobbies: Painting, scrolling over latest news.

Sayantani Bhar
Designation : Web Developer
Domain Expertise : Php, WordPress,
Hobbies: Watching movies, scrolling over latest news, Music, Dancing.

Kaustav Dasgupta
Designation: UI Designer
Domain Expertise : Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Html, css
Hobbies : Watching movies, scrolling over latest news.

Anil Dutta
Designation : Web Designer
Domain Expertise : Html, CSS, Photoshop, jQuery, Responsive Designing, UI designing
Hobbies : Watching movies, scrolling over latest news.

Sunil Panda
Designation : Web Designer
Domain Expertise : Html, CSS, Photoshop, jQuery
Hobbies : Graphics design, Web Art, A long drive on a 250cc.

Sokuntala Das
Designation : Web Developer
Expertise : PHP, Mysql, WordPress, HTML, css,
Hobbies : Music

Abhijit Pal
Designation : Web Developer
Expertise : PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, Joomla, WordPress, CorePHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Javascript 1.5, JSON, XML, AJAX
Hobbies : Combining different open source codes, different type sports related activities

Partha Sur
Designation : Web Developer
Domain Expertise : Codeigniter, Core PHP, MYSQL, Jquery, Javascript 1.5, JSON, XML, AJAX
Hobbies : Search and develop new coding pattern & listening music

Mithun Sen
Designation : Content WriterDomain
Expertise : Web content writing.
Hobbies : Creative writing, reading classics, linguistics.

Amitava Das
Designation : SMM, SEO
Domain Expertise : SEO, SEM, SMM
Hobbies : Net Surfing & Gaming.

Sandeep Mitra
Designation : SEO
Domain Expertise : Website analysis, Keyword optimization, Content generation, Analytical processing.
Hobbies : Net Surfing & Gaming,Creative writing .

Anik Saha
Designation : Website Tester and Data entry operator
Domain Expertise : Website analysis and tester , Content generation.
Hobbies : Playing & Gaming,Creative writing .

Susmita Chatterjee
Designation : Mobile App Developer
Domain Expertise : Android, IOS.
Hobbies: Net Surfing & Music.

The above experts are my regular associates. I have a network of freelancers spread across the globe. On requirements of specific project, my foreign associate web developers and web designers work from their places. They have been always provided with latest technological aspirations. On the basis of their dignity of performances, I always claim that I have best solutions for every web development needs at my finger-tips.

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