5 tips to make your blog more useful

Why do people blog?

To share experiences with others, to have followers, and some do so to get proper traffic to their business sites. Well, no matter whatever the reason is, to establish a strong position of your blog one mustn’t forget the goodness of SEO in regards of generating more traffic for the blog.

Search engine optimization is the key to a great blog. By following the proper steps one can make their blog really useful to serve the best purpose. Let’s see the best tricks to use for making a blog more effective.

Share as more as you can

The best SEO trick to make your blog successful is sharing it as much as you can. The mantra of blogging is to make people aware of your blog’s existence. Surely a blogger has some fan following and co-bloggers who follow the latest blogs and posts, they repost the blogs and share it further spreading the news of the new blog. Make directories, profiles on websites that accept blogs. The well-known websites already have a great reader percentage, hence you can use their popularity for your blog content.

Be a social worm

Apart from sharing your blog on a well-known website, another way to popularize it is the social media. The power of social media is not hidden anymore, one can use this weapon as a strong tool to socialize your blog with a thousand heads present on the social media forums. An active presence on the social media platform is quite necessary to remain in touch with your followers. Facebook, twitter, tumbler, etc, all these social networking sites is a great way to build a rapport with fellow social network users.

Post related content

Blogs don’t only mean to an article written in words, if you are writing a travel blog you can include some pictures, videos of the places. Also to keep it more interesting do not concentrate on word content only, give useful information, like plugins, give source of new software that could be helpful for the web developers or web designers, share tips with readers, adding some tutorials would be a great idea too. Images attract more than words, hence try to add infographic in the blog posts.

Keep an eye on google updates

Be a watch bird and track all the updates released by Google. It will not only help to keep you updated, but the tactical use of those updates will help you bring more traffic to your blog. The latest updates are guidelines to write a blog and do proper SEO for better results. It is basically norms that one should follow to work in accordance with google.

Make different forms of the content

Another great way to spread your blog content is to make different forms. The more the presence of your content in the search engines, the more it will help to get higher rank. For example, other than posting a blog make different forms of content like for example slides, eBook, podcast, etc. By having the content in different forms you can share it on various platforms, which otherwise would be limited if the content is in blog form.

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