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Common problems related to Freelance Web development. Which you will never face working with

If you have decided to outsource your web development work to a freelancer partner, or thinking about it, you must have to be aware of certain important factors to qualify to your decision to make it value for money.Before, you choose your outsourcing partner I would personally suggest you to please have a look on the following discussion:

Often business entrepreneurs like to outsource to renewed companies for their web development and associated projects. In case of companies, you may enjoy some good services from them with their highly technical support, experience, back up compatibility and bigger team effort. But usually, companies charge very high price even for a minimum task. Because when you pay to a big house the price is added with charges of the task, advertisement, good will and less risk factor. The brand charges high amount always.

If you would like to lower the cost, go for a freelance individual, the cost may be lower with respect to company billing but services may not be satisfactory always. An individual as a freelancer does not comply with all the kind of expertise required to finish a project. He does not carry any brand value, professional attire to carry the sole responsibility. If you break up the job to different individuals according to individual domain it does not contain any link up among them, rather carries more blaming to each other to cause more delay and project failure. It causes deadline missing, poor communication, skill factor, time zone related problems, legal issues with copyright etc.


From the above discussion, we have come to know that companies are better to serve in sense of quality and professionalism but they charge very high and if you want to lower down the cost and go for freelance individuals they are far away from the level of standard and professionalism. Then what will be the solution to get a service done with global standard and professional attribute against a competitive cost. The answer is hiring an experienced professional freelance team like us, have to choose which is working spontaneously in the industry for last 7-8 years has developed its own brand value and market good will. The team which works with all the required kind of associates of different domain skills under one roof for a long duration. The experience in the industry taught every aspect to us. Yet, being enriched with all these positive values, we charge competitive and affordable prices to our clients. The reason is, we compete with the companies by increasing our quality and you need not pay us for which is not your task as advertisement, big house establishment cost, etc.

If you go through the following chart you can develop conception on comparative scenario as:


To us, as a freelance developer, professionalism means gentleman’s attitude in business that religiously maintain deadline, product accuracy and proper documentation, proper finish and affordable pricing. Today, evolving my freelance team’s performance, I proudly declare that I am 100% professional with my job.

I invite you to come to us to enjoy the solution under one roof with my team.