Digital Marketing Trends That Will Affect 2018

Digital marketing has becoming very popular since last few years and will continue in upcoming years too. Digital marketing are largely used by small and medium businesses who are striving hard to grow up in the web-world. Since 2018 is knocking at the door, we should look at some essential digital marketing trends which are going to dominate the new year..
  VIDEO CONTENT   Video content is getting more and more popularity since last few years. Many people and company too run their own YouTube channel. According to HubSpot, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. Let’s remember the story when a short video advertisement of a car allowed the owner to sell his Honda Accord 96′ for $ 20,000. Wow! This ordinary old car had 141,000-mile life and the starting price was only $499   The right video content will increase the sales of your products, in addition, web based videos are more appealing than that of tv ads specially to young and teenagers.   INCREASING NUMBER OF MOBILE USERS   In 2018, use of desktop may reduce as mobile phone users are increasing day by day. Google has taken the lead by phasing out all websites that are not mobile optimized. Desktop traffic is getting reduced and therefore internet based marketing is going to be the way forward.   ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE   Machine learning and Big Data are set to transform the way the businesses communicate with each other. Natural-language processing techniques and deep learning will allow marketers to make better predictions about customer behaviour and hence, help them for more customised content. Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy is expensive and requires particular set of skills, which is again hard to come by due to high demand. However, the large upfront shows huge promising results for those who want to take a plunge.   ORGANIC TRAFFIC AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO GOOGLE ADWORDS   Many companies spend money to Google adwords but don’t get desire results. The cost of a click in some niches can reach up to $1000. Many companies are looking forwards for obtaining new customers. Organic traffic is an excellent alternative to Google Adwords. In addition, the cost of attracting the client is much lower. SEO optimization of online stores can bring more traffic than paid traffic.   WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY   The year 2018 will be the year of wearable technology. We will see many more people making use of Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Moto 360 and other smart devices which can be worn while one is on the move. This will bring a big change as far as local marketing is concerned. Digital marketers will also focus on this technology more than ever before.   Digital marketing trends are evolving rapidly and are showing great advancement. So, it is better to keeping up with new trends and keep updated.

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