Latest Google Mobile Search Update


Google has different plans for their latest search algorithms. On 26th February, 2015 they announced when the search algorithm will roll out. On 21st April, 2015, a website’s mobile-friendliness will impact the mobile search engine results pages. Now people using mobile devices can access websites which are optimized for that device only. Google wants to make it easier.

About 1.5 billion people use mobile internet worldwide. Out of this around 80% users use smartphone. Google’s latest announcement will push you to take the advantage of mobile search. Google developers announced that it will significantly impact the mobile search results. From now on professional web development firms will take into account mobile users.

Now those site owners whose sites are not mobile friendly will get there business hit hard. The income of these website owners will drop significantly. The sites are getting time to prepare as the announcement came very early from Google. The end users will get the desired information, that’s the goal of every search engines.

Google do care about the user’s needs. That’s why they are trying to update their search updates to meet the level of standards needed to fulfill the user’s needs. Now the website owners will struggle to optimize their web contents according to the recent Google update.

Google has given time to the website owners to get prepared for this mobile update. Mobiles comprises of one-fifth of the e-commerce market. By keeping in mind this update, companies can invest capitals on the ever-growing mobile marketplace.

Just think about the desired customer actions taken on a mobile site. About 60% of organic traffic to a website comes from mobile searches. Navigation of these mobile sites should be finger friendly rather than mouse friendly.

For those people who don’t own a mobile site, they are given advice to make your own mobile site ( or a responsive site. The choice of alternate mobile versions has been removed as today responsive web designed sites are made. So, whenever you open the site, it will adjust to the screen size of your device which is displaying it.

Easy Steps To Remain Mobile-Friendly

  • Do auditing of the site for mobile –friendliness as soon as possible.
  • From April 21, there will be a new competitive market where the mobile sites will get analyzed.
  • Optimize your site & follow strictly the Google’s best practices. Always remember that Google has warned you.
  • Always track the mobile rankings and keywords trends across devices such as mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • At the page level, always measure the mobile rank and results.
  • For local and global keywords ranking results, report the keywords trends and ranking across devices.
  • Taking into consideration the above points, refine and fine tune them according to your mobile approach, tactics and strategies. Mobile aware technology platforms allow customers to share their voice across devices like tablets and smartphones.


Google offers two fantastic tools for your website testing, to know how your site performs on mobile devices. The tools are Mobile Usability Report and Mobile-Friendly test. Check out these tools to know how mobile friendly your site is.

Always create content for the user. Don’t chase the Google algorithm. Make the site mobile friendly & follow the Google’s best practices and you will see that your site is top ranked in mobile search rankings.

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