Make a fruitful freelancing career in 2016

Many prefer freelance web designing profession as it gives the ultimate pleasure to work from home at your own convenient time. If you are thinking to take up freelancing as your new job, there is no reason to worry at all, remember it is not rocket science. All you need is proper planning and dedication to work alone in your own workplace.

To become a successful freelance web developer, you don’t need to focus on everything every day, if you are new to the business, or have some former experience in this domain, you can make a decent amount every year following the below points.

1.Plan your finances-

  • Fix a rate- Most of the freelance web designers fail to get projects due to improper pricing; high price can turn down your offer, at the same time a very low price can make the client think your services may be below quality. Don’t just charge an amount to fulfill your needs, understand your capability, and think what can be the legitimate amount worth of your work. If you are a senior freelancer, you can charge up to $30-40/Hr. If you are a beginner then you can start at $10-20/Hr.
  • Raise your budget gradually- Don’t hurry with your rate, you cannot just raise your hourly rate after doing a single project, people will only think you are hungry for money. Give it some time; make yourself an expert freelance web designer, confident enough to raise the hourly rate when suitable.

Keep a track

– When you are working alone, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of your income and expenses. Try to maintain a daily account including income and expenses. Also, you can use readymade financial software available in the internet which can help you to maintain your finance schedule in a proper way, the software gives you alerts of pending payments, calculates extra expenses, and other such useful information.

2.Stays productive-

  • Use appropriate tools- Nobody likes monotonous work routine, clients are always wanting for more creativity and diverse ideas. Therefore, it is best to keep yourself productive for every project you undertake. For a successful freelance web developer it is important to produce creative designs which are not same for everyone. Use the best available design tools that help to produce the best designs with minimum efforts. When you become a fulltime freelancer, it is obvious to have enough workload on your shoulders taking good care of yourself is necessary to keep up the productivity.

  • Don’t forget your personal life- Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work from your home, it doesn’t mean you get to become a workaholic. Stressing your brain to further extents will only make you less productive. Try to spend good times with friends and family to keep yourself happy, it is a great way to relax and recharge yourself to concentrate on your work.

3.Keep your clients happy-

Client relationship holds immense value for a freelance web designer. If you cannot communicate with the client in proper way no matter how good web designer you are, you will fail to keep up good terms with clients. More often, a good listener and speaker can fetch projects impressing the client just with words. You should know the things to remember before an encounter with a client.

  • Don’t forget deadline- To be on the good books of your clients one needs to show consistent performance be it with the service quality or timely submission. It is advised to take a few more days’ time so that there is enough time to properly check the site and find out if there is any bug.
  • Remain in contact- A freelance web designer need to remain in touch with the clients even after a project is delivered successfully. Drop an email asking if the site is running ok or share crucial information that might help the client in his business or site upgradation. The client may give you another project or if he is satisfied enough, he might refer you to his associates or friends.
  • Keep them updated- Being a freelancer, you should keep your clients updated with all the information and works that has been going on in their projects. Giving them every update will help them to keep an eye on the progress, and if there is something wrong, they can tell right away to the developers to make changes. This way it will help both the web developer and client to work cooperatively.