Top 20 freelance web designers in the world

Check the list of top 20 freelance web designers

Freelancing is a booming profession nowadays. The freedom of working on preferred projects, suiting your own budget, within your own deadline is making freelancing a popular way of earning a livelihood.

In addition, the trend of outsourcing has led to the emergence of freelance web developer who works independently at comparatively lower rates than a company does. Therefore, if you want to outsource any web design work, the following list of top 20 freelance web designers in the world could help you sort out the best.


Mark MacDonald is a freelance web designer based in Toronto, USA. He specializes in web and blog design, offering a wide range of design layouts, and stunning ideas. In addition, if you need to customize an existing theme, and add some extra features, mark can do that easily for you. Not only that he also provides technical support on various projects providing tutorials and training to clients.


Chris Harold based in Sydney is a freelance web developer who is an expert in his field. With over 15 years of experience, his knowledge in this field reflects in the superior quality of his work. His design works involve creativity and innovation mixed with functionality. His expertise involves in web designing, web developing also web marketing.


Simon Greenland is a freelance web designer living at Melbourne. He is terrific in designing which can add stars to your existing or new website. His services include web design, responsive website, app designing, branding of business, SaaS design, etc. He loves to work with startup firms, which is just about to begin their business.


Sarah Evans has been freelancing since a long time staying in London. She specializes in making websites for small and medium enterprises. Her web and mobile applications concentrate on the details so that as everything matters a lot. She works on web development and mobile application.


Ryan Gittings provide freelancing services, currently based in London. Working for more than 4 years, he weaved a successful portfolio in this very short time and completely almost 100 projects. His services include, web designing, IOS applications design, and graphic design. Leave a query and he will revert in very less time.


Leon Dalziel started as a freelance web designer in the year 1999. He is based on the West coast, New Zealand. He is a dedicated person handling clients all over the world single-handed. You can look at his portfolio and check his quality of work.


Chris Howard lives in Bristol, England is a successful freelance web designer. He has been developing websites, mobile applications and constructing digital marketing solutions for clients.


Shirsendu Das is a freelance web designer having set up in India. His comprehensive approach towards every projects help to bring out the best solutions. He majorly focuses on web design, web development, SEO, site maintenance with affordable pricing.


Rob Fenech born and brought up in East London is a successful freelancer working with small and large business heads. He is popular for his design creativity, ecommerce website, and web development along with SEO.


James Dowen a freelance web developer and designer living in Birmingham, UK has a wide range of knowledge in the field of web development. With over 6 years of experience, James is the first choice of many clients. Apart from web design and development, he also provides domain/hosting services.


Emily Ridge a Galway based freelancer uses her creative power in her designs, she helps to build fully responsive custom WordPress site. Want to learn about WordPress? Read her tutorials and blogs to get an idea of WordPress development.


Paulo Goode a freelancer based in Ireland creates exclusive website that will definitely soothe your eyes. Get the best solution to stand out in the competitive market. His years of experience make him a suggested name amongst the clients.


Belinda Frylinck currently the owner of the site has more than 10 years in website designing and development. She can also help you manage your own site implementing user-friendly CMS.


Rahat is a freelance web developer settled in Abu Dhabi. He works for small and medium enterprises. His ideas and solutions are sure to leave the clients satisfied. His services include web designing, graphic design, mobile application, and SEO.


Based in Japan, Takaaki Koyama is a successful freelancer who is working independently in this domain. You can look at her works in her portfolio.


Mike, the founder of Creative Mints is a freelance graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience in the web design and development.


Nirmal Gyanwali, a freelancer having his roots in Nepal, Himalayas, now settled in Sydney Australia. Having over 12 years of experience, he specializes in building exquisite web designs.


Brian Durney who is a web magician, creates impressive designs that is surely to catch attention. His freelancing services include, creating solid brand identity, web design, strategy planning,etc.


Tim Keay is an award winning freelance web developer from United Kingdoms. Apart from great in academics, he is a brilliant web designer. His innovative ideas make the website more useful and beneficial.


Tracy Rickard is a freelance wed developer and a WordPress specialist. Her other services include search engine optimization, blog and social media, mobile responsive sites. You can get in touch with her for an initial discussion and to get a quote.