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Shirsendu Das

Hello my readers! I am Shirsendu Das. Hope visiting other pages of this site, you have come to know that I am a freelance web developer. Well, I like to work hard on every project bestowed to me after considering my experience and portfolio.

Right from the first day when I started working in this field of software and web development industry, I wanted to gather knowledge from every aspect of work I was getting involved with. At the same time, I wanted to share the little experience I have been gathering all through.

Since 2000 my desire was to publish all my experiences on web. Actually, I wanted to know how it could have been to others if happened to them. In other words, I wanted to know opinion of people in several fields of work and expertise.

What could be a better option than to create a blog section in my website and post everything (hurdles, challenges, achievements etc.) I can share with you people. The topic will range from web development, web designing, PHP development, SEO, SEM, mobile application development and others.

So, I request you to read this blog posts and do provide your inputs on anything you feel you should say a few words on. Thanks for reading and will ever wait to listen to your advice, suggestion and everything.

I will be back soon with a new post. Till then keep enjoying life as it comes to you!

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