Our Methodology

our methodology

Whatever has been noted above on about me is a simple brief of my freelance web developer career; I am always devoted to stay true on myself in satisfying my clients in their need for web and software development.

To ensure the theme of my freelance web designer & developer service to help clients to avail maximum I intensively go through following transparent process:

      • Initial consultation with me: After you submit your info in the form given in this site, I or any of my expert teammate will contact you. I would like you to sit with you, even virtually and ask questions required to me to understand what you actually want. I always listen to my client very carefully. I focus to portray the client’s philosophy on his/her web presence. To make your presence remarkably identical and attractive in web, to win-over internet marketing or online marketing competition. My efforts are always on extracting your dream which some of the parts even may be untold sometimes. You are on an opportunity to ask me frequent questions to understand everything.
      • Analysis and Valuation: We will analysis your want, what exactly to make, how short it may take, how could that be ideally compatible and user-friendly, how many utilities and extensions could be added to make it more popular and comfortable and finally what could be the price valuation in market. Please do not hesitate ever while scaling your budget for the time being. Though my services are not cheap, very much quality tested time to time, but they are affordable. In streamline, the process is designed to avail you maximum profit through our product fitting comfortably within your budget. So, it allows both of us to prepare a fully calculated action to satisfy a win-win scenario.
      • Short and Simple Documentation: If you agree to us, a very short and simple but important documentation required to be signed up by both you and me. In a professional aspect, I protect all the information provided by you or created by us and the access to the product is always kept restricted according to your recommendation. The payment condition is also settled here accordingly. This ensures the confirmation of the product and service you expect and we provide.
      • Compiling technology and emotion: After your agreement, the project is technically departed to different sections and stages and allotted to my techno-mates according to their specialization in different level. I personally draft and engineer the whole thing like a bandmaster guiding an orchestra. Remember, my team-mates, whom I call techno-mates, each of them has mastered the art to mix up artistic emotion with technology and professionalism. After they are done, their individual sections are assembled under my own careful supervision and test runs are made to check compatibility.
      • Testing: I personally master all the tastings required to ensure the feasibility of my product. The section experts help me to perform Functionality Testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Compatibility testing, Performance testing and off course Security testing and do the developments wherever required.
      • Security: I and my team strongly believe on client’s privacy. Be assured that any data provided to us will be kept as secured as it is in your vault. We also follow your suggestion to control in access to pages and its contents. My fellows are experienced with the integration of standard and high-level security compliance methods or the procedures. For example, we know how to make applications PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance and HIPPA Compliance. Hence, it becomes almost impossible to access the security of the product without your permission.
      • The perfect finish: We make several test-runs. I must even take final output from your side. My team induces every material well-tested in market and legally acceptable but very much elementary. With the help of the market survey report, we create a unique future aspect survey to declare the product finally and deliver to you within time.
      • Online Promotion with SEO: A web product is finished from floor and delivered to the client – believe me, the job is not finished completely that way. Rather an important part is just going to be started. I and my SEO associates put a dedicated target to promote your presence in Web so that everybody could find you in a primary search in Google or in other popular search engines and social media platforms. In a nutshell I will put your website in the first list in web search. This online promotion process through Search Engine Optimization puts the effort to win over your competitors. Being one of the most wanted freelance SEO expert India I ensure your online promotion process a grand success to win over your competitors.
      • Any point Service: You can start working with me at any point. May your web product has to be created as a whole or part, may it needs some customization or development of special kind, may it require some continuous effort like SEO or may it just came in your mind – You just thought to appear through Web; I can provide you solution for any kind of situation.

So, what are you waiting for? For an identical web development of your own kind fill up the contact form.