10 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. Today we will discuss about 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers.

Being a designer, we need some useful tools to speed up, collaborate our web development projects. There are 100 of extensions for designers which increase productivity. Some of them are already in use or we have heard about them. Here,  I have created a list with the most useful extensions.


 WhatFont We know how to find the font used in the developer tools in chrome browser. But there is an easier and faster way to figure out that with WhatFont. It helps us to find the font details only on hover.

Window Resizer:

Window Resizer Window Resizer is very useful to check our site in different viewport shortly. It is very familiar for front-end developers. Simply open the extension and either click the preset viewports or enter in something custom.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome:

User-Agent Switcher can quickly and easily change your Chrome browser’s user-agent. There are 26 popular user-agent strings to choose from! User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

Built With Technology Profiler:

It is used to know easily which technology is used in the site. We have to click on the icon at the Chrome bar and a pop up will be opened with different technologies used like Web Server, Content Delivery Network, Content Management System, JavaScript Libraries and other functions. Built With Technology Profiler

JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier:

When we open a minified JQuery or Bootstrap document, it is hard to read them. We can now add intending, necessary space and line breaks in such JavaScript and CSS documents, including minified, with just a click of a button (beautify Now!)

Before beautify

JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier-before beautify

After beautify

JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier-after beautify


ColorZilla helps designers to see the exact colour of the website we use as a reference. It enables to select an eye-dropper tool that will extract the colour from any web page and save it to the ColorZilla clipboard. ColorZilla With it, we can quickly develop colour palettes for later use and we also create gradient colours for web pages. ultimate css gradient


It is a quick screenshot tool that enables us to capture the entire or part of any page and either upload it or download it or send it to a third party destination. We can share on social media or printed. LightShot If we want to highlight any part of the screenshot we can also do that with text, colour shapes etc. LightShot2

Page Ruler:

From this, we get an accurate & pixel-perfect measurement of any web page element on our screen. Simply drag the ruler across any section of a website, and inspect the selected element’s height, width, and position. Page Ruler You can even adjust the ruler’s colour to ensure there’s enough contrast depending on the website’s background!

Clear Cache:

It is a fast and simple tool that enables us to clear cookies and cache of the page we’re looking at.
For web designers who are making multiple edits and want to view them in real-time, this is an excellent tool that will eliminate much of the frustration of looking at old data.

Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester:

It is an award-winning site-auditor extension that allows us to check over 250 URLs per site simultaneously to check SEO/Web Speed/Security issues like broken links, Checkbot SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester redirects, invalid HTML/CSS/JS, insecure password form, minify files, duplicate content etc. It runs tests based on 50+ best SEO and security practices based on recommendations from Google, Mozilla, and W3C. Using the Checkbot extension will help us to optimize perfectly and secure websites which would slay Google SERP rankings.

Thanks for visit and I hope you have enjoyed these.