5 Must Have Additional Skills For Every PHP Developer

5 Must Have Additional Skills For Every PHP Developer

In 2019, PHP developers are in very high demand. PHP is used by 82% of all the websites around the web. So every programmer wants to learn PHP and build their career.  After starting their career, they are not satisfied with monthly income due to the easy availability of developers and low-cost project budget. So, if any PHP developer wants to increase their salary, they must upgrade their technical skillset and also acquire some additional skills. In this blog, I will discuss 5 skills you need to improve as a PHP developer. These skills will upgrade your career to the next level and you will be a professional/pro-developer.
  1. Learn some Front End Languages:

     Every dynamic website has two parts – 
    • Frontend

    • Backend. 

    Mainly, web developer works on backend and Web Designer works on Frontend. Website frontend is built by HTML, CSS, JS. So learn these frontend languages first. If you know these frontend languages, you will know everything about the website. Even you can fix the problems created by the designer. This will give your employer 100% dependency on you and help in your career growth. In the future, If you want to start your career as a freelancer or create your own Web development company, designing knowledge helps you a lot.
  2. Improve your learning ability:

     A good programmer or developer never stops learning. If you stop learning, your earnings will be stopped. As a PHP developer, you should always increase your technical knowledge as well as programming skills. There are lots of new PHP frameworks, CMS, coming every year. Here, you search out on Google which framework and cms are trending now. Go with them, keep free time for learning, make small applications using them. You can also take help from Youtube or any other learning site( UpWORK, LYNDA ETC). Now besides these technical learning, you have to learn some business-related lessons. Like, how to create a project proposal document, how to write a project-related email, how to create a project handle document, how to schedule projects etc. If you improve skills in both ways, you will be a compact PHP developer in the near future.
  3. Develop your project management skills:

     A good PHP developer is not always a good project/team manager. Project/Team management requires some other types of skill set which is not related to coding. If you want to become a project manager or a team leader in the near future, you must start your preparation from mid-level/senior developer position. For team leader position you must be able to handle multiple projects at a time, handle your company’s junior developers, solve their problems, create backup developers for an emergency condition, give quick solutions to problems, etc. As a project manager, you must improve your technical skills related to your working domain like designing, development, etc, speaking ability, writing good project SRS, project time management, writing good reply email for your client query and also manage your team. Team management is very important for a project manager. A good team can overcome all your bad situation and improve your company status. A bad team is always a nightmare to a project manager.
  4. Develop Hosting and Domain Management skills:

    After creating a website we need a domain and hosting to publish it on the internet. Without a domain, hosting you can not make a website live. A good PHP developer must know how to make a site live, how web hosting and domain work. You need to know the relation between domain and server, how to manage your website hosting and domain. You can clear your views on domains, hosting here https://shirsendu.com/blogs/domain-vs-hosting-vs-website/. For managing hosting, you must know the various tools of Cpanel( A Web Hosting User Interface), WHM panel( an administrator Panel for Cpanel), some Unix shell commands, how to install SSL in your hosting, how to use Sitelock for your website, etc.
  5. Understanding the business:

    This is another important skill for a Php Developer. When you start a project for a client, you must understand client business and what solutions he/she needs from you. If you do not have business logic in your mind, your solutions will not work for the client. The success of any software project is directly related to its ability to serve a specific purpose, which it can’t do unless the people who build it also understand that purpose. A good developer who also has a good understanding of general business concepts is a great value to any company—particularly considering the fact that far too many business people have a really hard time explaining how their companies work.
In my opinion, the above five skills are essential for every PHP developer. If you want betterment in your career and make a good impact on your developer tag, they may be even more important. Remember that a professional PHP developer is in high demand and they get offers from big companies who are ready to pay a huge salary. So do not waste your time on overthinking. Follow the above steps and enjoy exciting jobs, flexibility, good career. Besides, if you’re searching for professional web developers who have all the previously-mentioned skills or you just have some more questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the needed information.