5 Upcoming products to rule the ecommerce market in 2016

According to big market analysts, the growth of ecommerce is likely to cross $550 in USA itself. It’s not just conventional ideas that are entering the ecommerce market, but everyday web developers and designers are putting in a greater effort to bring out something unique and splendid.

Each and every sector is opening up their eCommerce business, so what do you think would be the latest trend in online shopping. Well, if you have any idea, get hold of a freelance web developer and start building your site right away.

Sportswear wears- People are getting health conscious nowadays. And it’s not just waking up in the morning and going for a walk, but maintaining a proper routine with adequate exercise and diet. The growth of fitness center has given a rise to the sports industry; apart from using sports equipments the trend of wearing proper sportswear has become mandatory. The growth of eCommerce sites selling athletic wear has been already 38% up, thus it can be predicted that this industry is going to be a massive an eCommerce giant.

Specialty food- As the people become more conscious of their living style; the food intake is also done measurably. To fight health diseases, or to remain fit, ways to meet body needs, all these queries let people know what exactly they are consuming. You cannot get all the details of your food when you are buying it from a supermarket, but when you are buying online, you get loads of information on the food which helps you to select better. ECommerce websites having details of food, such as calorie count, organic or inorganic, ingredients, health factor, are attracting buyers. So if you want to invest in eCommerce business, specialty food can be your product.

Baby products- In case of baby care people used to rely on grandmother’s home remedies, but today’s moms are smart and working so they don’t have much time. Hence online shopping for baby products showed an outstanding growth of 44% in the last year. In fact the business is likely to grow according to sources. A number of big brands have already started their online venture, so what are you waiting for, hire a freelance web developer and start building your eCommerce site now.

Pet products- The growing awareness amongst pet owners has led to the emergence of online pet store where one not only gets listings of pet shops or doctor’s contact but where they can buy pet food and necessary accessories for their loving pets. The demand of organic food, pet toys, grooming products, etc, is encouraging business owners to open online store where pet owners can get products easily under one roof.

Educational products – Online education stuffs are also sold in a large number. Not just books and stationeries but eBooks, and online courses are becoming popular day by day. With the power of internet and smart devices, it has become very easy to access content for knowledge. Christian Gainsbrugh, founder & lead developer, LearningCart, said “One of the very tantalizing things about this particular industry is that since the products are digital, the return on investment once you have created your content is nearly unbeatable.”