5 ways to make your WordPress website more appealing to the clients

So if you have decided to start a career as a freelancer, you are on the right path. It definitely didn’t take you a single day to make this decision. One must have done rigorous research, and spent time in front of the computer to know more about the business and find ways to establish as a successful freelance web designer

You must have realized the prime requirement for a successful freelance career is a website, and if you are at the starting point of your career it is expected that you will be short of money to launch your own site.

Well, there is absolutely no reason to worry, as WordPress, an open source platform lets you make impressive websites free of cost. Although yes, there are some limitations in a free version, but that’s completely fine for the initial start, once you are quite established in your domain, start making plans to customize the free WordPress website and make it a full-fledged site by adding lots of other features. You can also hire a freelance web designer who can help you customize the premium WordPress theme.

Start making your self-hosted site:

1. Choose awesome theme- Free WordPress themes are common for all users, so there is no difference between you and the other freelancers, potential clients who visit your site will know in no time that you didn’t make any effort to give the site an individual touch. The first thing to do is to choose the unique theme available in WordPress, you have to work a little bit hard to find out the best theme that suits your business. There are numerous free themes available so click on the one you think fits your business, and preview the look, this way you get the appropriate idea of how well the WordPress theme will look finally. If you are capable of spending a certain amount, it is recommended to buy a premium WordPress theme, which a freelance web designer can customize accordingly. Paid themes are better of course, as they give access to many widgets and plugins which is not available on free themes.

2. Responsiveness- Responsive websites are very popular nowadays. As most of the online shoppers are browsing various sites on their mobiles or tablets. The outdated idea of remaining online only on desktops is becoming obsolete. Therefore, to reach the wide audience browsing on other devices than desktops one needs to select a responsive theme for building websites. If you don’t know how to check whether a theme is responsive or not, run it on different devices to see if it fits different screen size or not. If you are not sure, then seek help from a freelance web developer who will make sure your website is fully responsive.

3. Get a custom domain name- Using a free WordPress theme, will set you under the limitation of running your site under the subdomain of WordPress for example, if your site name is abc.com, while using a free WordPress website your URL will stand like this- abc.wordpress.com. To get rid of the WordPress tail, you ought to buy a custom domain name. It helps to leave a positive impression on the clients who visit your website; secondly, it indicates that you are in serious business and not just running a simple website for the sake of one. Consult with a freelance web developer to select an appropriate name that is SEO-friendly and suits your business.

4. Create a logo- Make your own custom logo that will represent your business. A logo is an essential part of brand identity, so find a freelance web designer who can help you make a custom logo to build a strong online identity. Once you upload your logo in the WordPress site, the logo will be included in every comment you make in post or blogs. The logo or the Blavatar as it is called in WordPress language will be your individual identity. If you are not technically sound, use free online software that helps to make a standard looking logo, or you can simply use your company’s initial.

5. Show your contact information- A website should contain useful information that helps a visitor to find answers to all their queries. To prevent clients from visiting and getting away without taking any action won’t be fruitful for your website or business. So make sure to include all the latest information about yourself, your services, and every necessary information that can help the visitor. Use the footer or sidebar to display your contact information, latest blogs, additionally you can make a contact form for the visitors to leave an enquiry or drop a message.

To make your site look more professional hire a freelance web designer, for he has the experience and knowledge to make a simple site more attractive and purposeful.