Advantages of Using PHP Frameworks For Web Development

Advantages of Using PHP Frameworks For Web Development

What is the PHP framework for web development?


PHP is one of the best server-side scripting languages that helps to create dynamic websites.


Writing a PHP script from scratch could be difficult for a web developer, sometimes the repetitive writing codes could take a longer time period to execute the function.


A PHP framework provides a basic foundation for the web development of web applications in PHP. It is a platform to build PHP applications. It provides code libraries for commonly used functions that helps to avoid the amount of original code that developers have to write from basic level.


To improve workflow and to help streamline these processes, comes the importance of PHP frameworks. It simplifies the web development process by avoiding repetitive code.


Read this article to find the best PHP framework for web development.


Why to use PHP frameworks for web development


PHP framework provides the main structure and components to build web applications that save time. It avoids repetitive tasks to write code and reuse them. There are other advantages rather than speeding up the entire web development process.


Read to know about the advantages of using PHP frameworks for web development below:

  • Saves time for web development
  • Neat coding
  • It collaborates well
  • It is Secure

Saves time for web development


PHP framework has many factors for the user to avoid wasting time. It has in-built functions that will let you pick the correct code instead of writing it from the basic level.


Then PHP libraries also provide you components of web apps such as form validation to avoid building them from the initial level.


Most of the PHP frameworks for web development use the MVC structure, which allows the developers to write separately for its three distinguished individual components.


The components are :

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller



It contains programming logic and application data.




It delivers the data to the user.




It interacts with the user and presents the commands to the other components


As the functionalities show, it’s clear to us that the above components work on a parallel development process. If a developer is working on the View component, another person may work on the Controller, it never coincides with each other.


Neat coding


Neat and organized coding is the main key of PHP frameworks. It also makes the script easy to work with and easy to maintain. The codes are divided into directories based on their functionalities. It may take some time to be familiar with the coding conversions to be followed to make them more organized.


It collaborates well


You don’t have to worry about any wrong scripting as the developers follow a single code standard and set the rules for the script.


The PHP frameworks are easy to work with, even if a fresher who has partial knowledge about it can catch up with this platform easily. Moreover, it has clear documentation.


It is Secure


It is a secure platform because of its good code-writing system.


10 best PHP frameworks for web development


There are many PHP frameworks to work with, among them we have selected 10 best PHP frameworks to discuss their technical specifications.


Let us have a look:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • Laminus Project
  • Phalcon
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • FuelPHP
  • Slim
  • PHPixie

How do we use PHP frameworks for your web development?


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Web application framework is actually a software framework that is crafted to create and modify dynamic web pages, web applications, and other web services. A framework is designed to develop functions performed in web development. Many frameworks provide libraries for database access, templates for building the structures that help in content management, and they often provide code reuse facilities to cut down the time.


It is a smarter collaboration with the web server to make web applications high-traffic conveying. We extend the web server executing codes and control dynamic contents by writing web programs in up-to-date functional languages as ColdFusion, PHP and Active Server Pages.


We provide dynamic page activities with specific libraries to help with common tasks for customized web applications. Framework software is formed with a huge collection of multiple libraries to facilitate programming and coding to function. We apply these specific frameworks to meet your specific requirements. Here are few examples like ASP.NET, JavaEE (Servlets), WebObjects, web2py, OpenACS, Catalyst, Yii, Mojolicious, Grails, Django, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Ruby-on-Rails and Symphony.


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