Brand Identity design or Corporate Identity Design – reflecting owner’s philosophy


Identity is a phenomenon that marks with a question who are you? Identity reflects your character, your philosophy, and off course a brief about who are you. In case of business, your corporate identity mark shows your business procedure, business product or service, business or service place and the nature by which you can segregate yourself from your competitors. There are several instruments, by which you can advertise your identity like logo, brand material, advertising or marketing materials.

Designing all these things comprising your definite identity is a task that could be performed by only the digital artists having the ability to visualize you with an inner eye.

The designing, as a whole, granted for the task of digital artists or graphic designers.

The designer who will be designing your brand identity has to extract everything you can express or you want to advertise. He has to think and discuss the layout, the color, the shape, the letters, and the font. In a combination the look has to be dignified, bright, glamorous but as well as professional.

If a logo is designed let the logo design express your brand, your service or product and specialized character why this brand differ from others. It may be expressed with an identifying color, font, shape or a little tag/slogan. The color or color combination will introduce your identity; the font will express your identity even if the brand name goes similar with others. A little tag or slogan will be a catchy word which will attract people to search for your product.


This combination may be abducted to other instruments like product designing or package designing, kiosk design or business show-room exterior or interior design, flairs or pamphlets designing,, brochure designing and most importantly everywhere in the web-world. Even in cases of personal identities like visiting card, business cards, souvenirs, letter-heads and other contact forms.