Few techniques to save time for web developer & web designer


As we all know that time is money, so time management in all aspect is good for both professional general person.  If we always maintain our regular task on time, it will help us to be confident. It will give us some opportunities to learn about new technologies and plan our future work. Now if we think about web developer & web designer, they must know how to save time when they work for client’s project and personal task too. Here I will share some ideas and techniques which will save time for their work process and produce a better result for both small and big projects.

Very clear thinking  about the project:

  When we start working on a project we must have clear thought about what we will do in the next few days for that project. If you study the project documentation or understand actual requirement and think accordingly to that, it will take less time to build the website/application.

Now how it takes less time? If we properly understand the instructions and follow them on design and development process, the output of this process will be 90% correct in first attempt. Rest 10% will be completed surely  in 2nd attempt. So repetition of entire task is less and it saves time for future projects.

Create startup package:

  For web developer or web designer, it is very important to create startup package in the beginning. Whenever we start a new project from scratch we will import the startup package first and then start working on it. It will save time in first level. For web designers, they can create startup package like create a folder and place all necessary files js, css, fonts and some dummy html section like menu, slider, from, gallery, faq, gallery and others which they will use in 90% of all projects and keep it in google drive. Whenever they start a new project, just download the package and modify it accordingly. Now for developers, they also can do these types of package for each technology they work. Like if a web developer works on WordPress, they can create 2-3 packages (1 for business purpose website, 1 for booking purpose, 1 for listing type website) by using combination of WordPress, basic plugin of slider, portfolio, services, theme framework, metabox etc. So that they can reuse it for multiple projects.  

Use of good code editor:

  A good code editor is the best friend of a web developer and designer. If we choose a good editor for code it will reduce development & design work time. A good code editor must have some features mentioned below:
  • Must have option to add additional plugins/packages to add more features in editor
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Strong Search option
  • Error highlighting
  • autocomplete tags & function for popular languages (Zen coding)
  • Active developer community
  • Multiple OS support
  • User Interactions
  • Light Weight
  • Live Preview
Some of the most popular code editors are: Sublime Text, Notepad++, Brackets, Atom, Komodo Edit etc.

 Use of  todo list or task management software:

Being human, forgetting some things is in our blood. If we use task management software day to day for ourselves, we never forgot any points of our daily task and less chance to do same points in multiple times. As per some survey, more than 50% projects cannot meet timeline due to repetition of the same task. So if we start to build todo list for our tasks and maintain it regularly, it will reduce our output time and give correct output in first chance.

Finish unwanted task before starting the task:

  We all have some daily tasks like call a friend or parents, read newspaper, reply to friends & others in whatsapp & facebook and many others. We must finish these types of task before starting of our work. So when we start our work, any disturbance will not hamper our task. Some small disturbances can also create big fault. So be aware of that.

Improve your search technique :

  A very good google search technique might more powerful than your senior office colleagues. Whenever we face any problem, we ask google to help us by typing our question. As per our question quality google opens some suggestive pages in front of us.  If your communication with google is accurate, google give your desired solutions page. Otherwise you do not get proper answers of your questions from google. If your search string is perfect for that question you get result in few seconds otherwise it takes a few minutes to find solutions for your problem. A good google searcher will find solutions in 10-15 seconds; a bad google searcher will find solutions in 10-15 minutes or spoil few minutes of senior developer/designer.

Use of codebank or modulebank :

  Before starting your project you must analyze the known and unknown part of a website features. Then find the solution of unknown features. Search for similar features application in your working domain ( Like PHP, ASP, JSP technology, WordPress, Joomla cms etc) . Study the application, view demo of that, understands the process. If possible download the application, modify it as per your requirements and use it in your project. Then place it into your module bank. By this way you can make list of self created module and reuse it in the near future for other projects. So module bank gives you extra advantage to save time in your project.

 Review your task once completed:

After completing one task/feature just review it thoroughly and test it once or twice.  If you see any issue correct it, it will boost your confidence as well as save time because your working page is already open and you have just written the code. If you complete 80% of your work and then check task and find few problems, you should open the same page twice or three times and correct it. This takes a little time to open the page, find the problem section etc. This is a small technique that also saves your working time.

Set priority of your task

Few-techniques-to-save-time-for-web-developer-&-web-designer_page-0003 As you can see from the above picture, our main focus is to give importance to urgent tasks, those with highest priority. After that, there are some tasks which are also important, but not as urgent. Then we should do the less important (but still urgent) tasks. We should not be bothered with the tasks that are neither urgent nor important. This decision matrix gives us the time we need to get our tasks done.   Here I have written some easy steps to produce better time-saving approach. You can follow the steps and also share your own methods to save time during work.