There are many e-commerce retailers in the market nowadays. In this competitive market, retail shop owners are going to increase their online store sales as well as the primary targeted Traffic.

Get your visitor’s trust:

When purchasing online products, customers cannot communicate with you directly. Therefore, it is important to earn their trust at first, so that they buy your products without any confusion and recommend your e-commerce store to others. One way to do this is to include written testimonials of your buyers with a video studio, if possible. Since you are not able to face your customers, please include live chat on your website to keep in touch with your customers.

Improve your website’s navigation:

Your site’s navigation needs to be easy and clean to entice your visitor to purchase from your site. If the customers encounter any problem while searching for a specific product, they will just quit the website for another. Your website should be user-friendly, easy and professional. The checkout process for your customers should be easy. Doing this will make your customer comfortable and customers will visit your site more frequently for further shopping.

Optimize your online shop:

There are many kinds of web browsers used today. Your e-commerce website should be fully optimized so that all the functionalities can work in any browser. Many people use other devices like – mobiles, tablets or PCs to access the internet. So, make your shop mobile friendly to ease the usability of your website.

Always have a Search Bar:

Sometimes it happens that your website’s visitors want something specific products, then they will obviously try to search it out in your site. So, its really necessary to have a search bar. Due to the absence of Search Bar, if your customer could not find out the desired product amongst the huge range products, though u have that in your store, he/she will move forward to another site where the product can be searched out easily. Therefore, it is important to keep a search bar in an e-commerce store. The product description should be put in this way that it can help the customers to find out the product whatever they type.

Products should include multiple images:

Before purchasing, your customers can not physically touch any product of interest. To attract customers to buy the product, you need to include many images from many angles in order to give a fair idea of ​​the product to the customers.

Detailed Product Description:

When uploading a new product, make sure to include all the necessary details such as the title, description, size, colour,  type, material, condition, etc. of the product. This will help your customers to compare your products with similar products and choose the best one.

Shipping Details:

Shipping details available on the product webpage help your customers know the real cost of the product and the time it will take to reach the customer. On-time delivery will always make your customers happy and will force them to buy from your site again and again.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a popular process to rank your website in search engines. It is really necessary for the customers to find your website at the top of the page. It is obvious that people will visit and shop from the website that is ranked at the top of the page. No one will visit the website which comes at the bottom of the pages. So, do proper SEO to bring your website to the top of the search engine pages. Shirsendu and Team, renowned web development and web designing company, is always there by your side to help you to secure the best position in the web world.

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