How can you become a successful freelance web developer?

Do you want to become a freelance web developer? Whether it is a part time option or a full-time job, you need a proper plan first in order to excel in the field of freelancing.

However, it is recommended to gain some experience before indulging into freelancing business. It will give you an idea about client interaction and business deals, which will help you when you start freelancing. If you tune the right chords, being a freelance web developer can be a fruitful earning option.

Find your niche

When you are freelancing, you have to think like a one-man team, which means you will be responsible for everything starting from web developing to keeping accounts. Taking up a number of different projects will only increase your workload, which may hamper the quality of work. Therefore, if you take up a particular niche and try to prove your expertise in it, not only your portfolio will become stronger but also you will be in demand for that particular niche. For example, if you are an ecommerce website developer, gradually you will become an expert in ecommerce. Trying to become jack-of-all-trades will only make you a mediocre freelancer.

Client interaction

Interacting with clients is a major part of freelancing. You become the main spokesperson, you become the bidder, and you represent your work. Often a good conversation can help build a good relation with clients.

  • Bidding for a project- It is the most important part of a project. A perfect bid can fetch the project. A proper bidding skill is necessary to get projects, understanding the work requirements and bidding a perfect price, which is neither very high nor surprisingly low. It helps the client understand that you are a reliable freelance web developer whose rate is not sky high at the same you are not inexperienced who is bidding at low rate just to get projects. Clients are willing to spend money for good quality, so make the best use of your bidding skills.Be successful freelance developer
  • Communication- A client awards a project to the bidder whom he thinks is fit for the position. The first step of communication is through email or Skype, here is where you can impress the client, once you are awarded the project try to learn about it as much as you can so that every detail is covered and no scope for rework is left.
  • Charging- Now comes the important part. Start with low price if you are a fresher and want to make a strong place at crowded freelance web developer market. After the initial budget is decided for the project, a proper rate chart should be provided to the client, which includes every detail of the after sale service or extra work done for the project, which was not included in the contract. A less understanding client may create problem in regards of payment, keep calm, and keep proper evidence in the form of documents to ask for the payment.

Make a portfolio

A Portfolio is like an online picture of your work, it includes solid work samples, client list, testimonials brief about yourself, education details, etc. In short it includes each and information that a client may need to see. An impressive portfolio not only reflects your work quality, but also gives a hint about the person you really are. Existing client can refer to their friends and other business partners to work with you, and they can directly come to your portfolio site for contact information. Include rate of services, types of services, what technology you use, blog so that a visitor gets abundant details from your site.

Payment option

If you are working with national or international clients that involve online payment, it is better to look for some good payment tools. Most of the freelancers have dedicated PAYPAL account through which worldwide transactions are made easily. At the same time, you can use integrated payment gateways for your personal site.

Marketing and promotion

Everything is done, a perfect site, service rate, sample work, now the only thing remains is spreading the news of your existence. A proper marketing strategy can do the work easily. Social network are the best way to promote your services, share blogs, work samples with your friends and in different group where you can find potential clients. Connect with fellow freelance web developers; they might give you good reviews and projects as well. Be active online, comment on other related blogs, follow forums, answer to queries, or ask questions, clear doubts, etc. These ways help to become popular in the field of freelancing, which can help you get projects.