How To Fix Missed Schedule Post Error In WordPress?

WordPress has this beautiful feature that allows everyone to schedule their posts to be published automatically at desired time. This feature is really good for travel bloggers and those who are in leave or vacation. This is also useful for those who are in different time zone as this feature will work for you. It is good till when you understand that the entire scheduled post was messed up and nothing was published in your absence.   If this has happened to you before, or you are someone who use the schedule post feature regularly, then you want to implement this trick to prevent the missing schedule error. In this article, we will show you how to fix the missed schedule post error in WordPress.   How it works?   This plug-in searches for the post that you have missed to post in scheduled time. If it finds posts that missed its schedule, then it will publish them correctly. To save resources on your server it does this every 5 minutes and fixes 5 items in each cycle.   But in recent times, some complains have aroused against this. Even, there are also some complaints about missing schedule posts and schedule post errors in the WordPress Trac. We found that it is actually an issue with WordPress 3.5. it is planned to be patched in the in the next security release 3.5.1.   Now you must be wondering if this issue is not just with WordPress 3.5. it happens when your server configuration does not play nice with the default WP Cron. However, a group of folks is affected by this bug in WordPress 3.5 which should be fixed in version 3.5.1. For others having this issue, it is probably a web hosting issue. Hope you will find this article useful to fix the issue of missing scheduled post in WordPress.