How to increase traffic by using various SEO techniques?

Search engine optimization is the most important thing one needs to do when it comes to making your blog or website land on the first page of every search engine. If you have a great product or some really interesting news to share, you definitely want to share that with the large audience, but how will you reach them and how will you secure a good place in search engine? Well, everything lies on tactical optimization.

Search engine optimization is really needed to build a large audience for your website, and if it is an ecommerce site, then having a broader audience is definitely an advantage.

So let us see the best SEO techniques you may apply to rank higher in the search engines.

Long tail keywords

Keyword holds great importance in any content. It is the group of words which people put in the search engine that leads to your site. Using specific keywords related to your business will eventually help generate more traffic. Focusing on single keywords will gradually help your website to be recognized by the search engines.

Use of keyword

  • In title – Make sure to put the appropriate keyword in your title, it will help search engines tofind your article or blog on the web.
  • In Meta description- An impressive Meta description can attract the attention of the visitor. So build an awesome Meta description, making it short and precise explaining your business motive and reason why the person should visit your site.
  • In the content- The most important part is inserting an appropriate keyword in thetext. The text should be related to the keywords you use so that google doesn’t spam you.
  • Link building- Using the keywords tactfully was part of on-page SEO, and when it comes to off-page link building becomes the most essential tool for SEO.

Social promotion

Social sites are the best place to promote your site. Not only you get to help people know about the site, but the potential can come up from social marketing as well. Posting on a regular basis and remaining connected to the followers and answering their queries will help you remain in the good books of the visitors. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account to reach a broader section of people.


Another way to promote your site is by building links with different other competitive related sites. This can happen by commenting on other blogs, engaging with other blogs and people who visits more often to the popular sites.

Guest blogs

Another effective link building technique is by guest blogging on different other sites. Many popular sites accept guest posts, only if they are confident to make the audience keen to read more.

Interlinking with other existing article in the blog- Try to hyperlink a phrase related to another article that exists in your blog.

Focus on lengthy contents

According to the new strategy Google has adopted to give ranking, lengthy contents just work out fine. Most of the specialist says the more the content you put on your blog the better the chances of ranking. More content will give the chance to insert more keywords and related phrases in it which definitely better for your blog.