How To Integrate Social Media On Your Website

Integration of social media has been increased in almost every aspect of marketing campaigns. Many brands invest a lot of time and effort into social media integration of their initiatives. It helps to showcase their website’s social Presence. Your website and social media should work together to promote your online business. In this blog we will discuss about social media influence on Website.


  Make your content shareable with social share buttons. It helps to increase awareness of your content and it also helps to increase the user experience. Make it easy and simple so that people can share it easily.  Also make sure to add social follow button which helps to increase your social media following.


  Most of the users prefer login to a site as opposed to providing an email address and creating new account. You can improve your website visitors’ experience with social login. When you are allowing your traffic to login through their social media profiles, you are shortening the time of registration which helps to increase the conversation rates of the visitors. With the social data you collect through social login platforms, like Login Radius, you’re able to collect more than 200 data points to help you make more personalized campaigns.  


  We are talking about the videos that are created and shared on social networks. It helps to provide social media integration to your website. With so many social media platforms including video in the mix, it would be a missed opportunity to not include your social videos on your website too. For example, here at Hootsuite we like to use Vine videos to showcase quick how-to videos. Not only are these videos great on Vine, but they also make how-to blog posts more engaging.  

Instagram photos

  The impact of the rise of visual content on social networks is most apparent on Instagram. As a result, many brands are scrambling to understand how to best use Instagram benefits. Instagram’s rise has been astronomical – and understandably so. We’re visual creatures, which is why content like photos, videos, and gifs have such great engagement rates. Brands and marketers have raced to capitalize on the immense growth of the social platform and many are successfully learning how to sell on Instagram  

Social Proof

  Simply put, when you integrate social proof to your website you’re providing your visitors the opportunity to trust you more. With 79% of consumers trusting social proof as much as personal recommendations, it’s important you integrate the proper social widgets on your website to increase sales and website conversions. One way to do this is to use one of Facebook’s social widgets, such as the “Like Box”. This feature shows your visitors that you’re a credible source, their friends also like your Facebook page, and that you’re a legitimate product or brand. On top of that, you’ll also be able to increase your Facebook likes with this social media integration. Now that you know how to integrate social media on your website, manage your social media presence.