How to make your website SEO – friendly

If you are thinking to take your business online, the first step to begin with is to make a website. However, remember to ask the freelance web developer to integrate every SEO aspects into the site, as a good-looking site alone cannot fulfill the online needs to make your business popular.

Search engine optimization plays the most important part to make your website rank higher in the search engines ensuring better traffic for the site. It helps a door that opens to the online world, establishes better connection with visitors that turns into potential clients. Begin with hiring a freelance web developer who has the right expertise in building SEO-friendly websites.

Steps to make your website SEO-friendly

Integrate social media

Social media have a special place in search engines, thus including better social media elements in the site will only give better search engine benefits. Design and display all the popular social buttons of popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc where you have an account. Interacting in social platforms will not only help in getting higher rank in search engines but also give the opportunity to get more customers.

Use SEO for images too

People only concentrate at optimizing their content but forget to optimize their images. Any content, be it video, audio or images are equally important as the content, hence it needs to be optimized as well. Try use the ALT tag option, also keep in mind the size of an image, too large picture will slow down your website and too small a size will make the image look distorted.

Choose the right domain name

Choosing a domain holds huge importance for search engine optimization. Using a keyword related domain name cannot always prove fruitful. Instead, choose a brand name that will help to relate with potential customers.

User-friendly URL

An appropriate URL helps to rank faster in search engines. To cite an example of a SEO friendly URL we can say is not suitable at all, it is not helping the search engine to understand what the page all about is. Whereas a proper categorized URL such as looks SEO-friendly. Also adding a number of categories such as will only confuse the search engine.

Proper design

A proper design appeals to the users that will affect your traffic rate. You can hire a freelance web designer to build you a responsive site that runs smoothly on every device. In addition, a website that runs on every browser is likely to be more advantageous. Slow loading speed, complicate navigation will add to the list of disadvantages.

Use JavaScript systematically

It is a bad idea to design your site using JAVA as search engine crawls through website for indexing, if you build the full site in JAVA, the search engine may have some problem in indexing. Another disadvantage of JavaScript is they don’t run properly in mobile devices. Keeping a simple design and user-friendly interface will help the search engine to read your site easily.

Place keywords in different places

Keyword placing is another important aspect of making SEO-friendly website. Well known freelance web developers provide additional SEO services that include keyword planning. Remember to place effective keywords at regular important places such as title, H1.H2 tags, Meta description, Meta keywords, blog title, etc.

Therefore, if you want to make a SEO friendly website, contact a freelance web designer and start your business venture with a solid website ready for search engines.