How to write attractive headlines without using clickbait

How to write attractive headlines without using clickbait

clickbait  A good headline is always an added advantage for any type of writing. No matter what the subject matter is, good, attractive heading always stands out from the rest. The easiest way of attracting users to read a particular content is by using clickbait method. This method is pretty much useful but the only problem with this technology is that the process of clickbait is temporary or short-lived. Clickbait helps to manipulate content, increase page rank but on the other hand, is a very harmful process for SEO and in many ways can be a ruining factor for the decrease in page rank of a content for any search engines.  Recently, methods have been formulated to write suitable and good headlines without using clickbait. A lot of out of the box ideas and thinking has gone into solving this problem in order to have an attractive and spotless heading while writing a blog. Some major factors that are responsible for writing a proper headline without using clickbait are :
  1. Introduce curiosity in user’s mind:

    We all know “curiosity kills the cat”. So it is essential to build a wall of curiosity while writing the heading, so as to attract a user to read the content.
  2. Use of words like who, why, when and where:

    Words like who, why, when and where are itself mysterious and use of these words while writing down an appropriate heading can make users think over and over again to visit the content and read.
  3. Need to use powerful keywords and eye catching sentences :

    A good and attractive headline should always be build on powerful, eye-popping sentences and strong words ( keywords). The use of keywords and good, strong sentence can help in SEO and also increase the rank.
  4. Heading should be in accordance with content:

    A heading can be proclaimed to be a pitch-perfect one if it is in accordance with the content. A heading should portray the short version of the content in such a way that the user get a thorough idea of what to expect when he/she starts reading the entire blog.
  5. Choose from multiple headings so as to get the proper one:

    Normally, we write down heading and if it is not to the standard then we edit. We continue to do this type of thing over and over again. But the easy method is to write down as many numbers of headings as possible and then select the best possible keywords and sentences from them to build the pitch-perfect headline.
  6. Couple of introductory lines is must:

    A couple of introductory lines in brief and short after the introduction gives the user an insight into the entire blog.


    For any kind of writing, if the above rules are followed stepwise then it won’t be so difficult to conceive a proper, attractive and eye-catching heading. Contact for any kind of web-related issues.