Is freelancing the new way of earning?

Freelancing is the new art of earning money. A freelance designer is a self-employed person, who is hired by different companies for various projects. The project may be for one day, one week or one month, and different tenure. One doesn’t have to worry about how big a company is, or about the job security. One can do anything from writing to tax accounting to human resources sitting right at home. The freelancing business is going to be massive in the near future.

Why is freelancing is the new earning way?

The freelance jobs are a huge business in 2014 generating about 1 billion dollars. The freelancing communities like Elance, Upwork formerly Odesk reports around 53 million people across the world taking freelance projects all over the world.

Age of freelancers

The trend of going office early in the morning will change, most of the work will be done by virtual assistants. A number of business owner hires virtual assistants who complete their work and submit it within the deadline, which saves money and effort. You don’t have to set up an office, update technology and invest in infrastructure. The freelancer will have all the necessary things to complete your work on time. So the business owner doesn’t have to take any headache at all.

Boom of virtual agencies

The freelancing jobs have increased to such heights that freelancers are making a group and becoming an agency themselves. The need of getting up a lavish office and start working is kind of skimming, big companies are getting regular competition from virtual agencies. Nearly 15000 such agencies exit today, who take on small or big projects.

Outnumber the physical agencies

With the increasing number of freelance agencies, the traditional agencies will become less and freelance agencies will increase in numbers. The freedom of working at your own time taking up projects of your own choice along with other great opportunities, freelancing is getting a far more popular earning method than getting an office job. According to some it is definitely a wise option to choose against a 9-5 job.

Earn without a degree

To become a freelancer one doesn’t have to show up and prove their candidacy in front of interviewers. Even people without higher degrees can make a successful career out of freelancing. Having work experience and setting up an impressive portfolio on the web can reach to various people looking out for talent to get their job done.

Earn while you learn

A greater part of the population falls between 16- 22 of age, until they reach the age of an adult or gathers much experience they cannot get any reliable fixed job in any big company. But being a freelancer web developer there is no barrier to it, no matter if you are 16 or 30 of age, you can always get hired by companies.