We all know that to develop a proper and a pitch-perfect website its essential for the web designers to have a thorough idea of web development. Without the basic knowledge of web development, it’s basically a hard task to develop a suitable website. A  web designer, who runs his own agency, may find it difficult to explain technical concepts to clients. The client is unaware of the specifications that are required for launching a new site and relies totally on web designers to guide them through the process. Therefore it has become customary for web designers to understand certain web development techniques that can be of great advantage for the clients. Working with developers will also help to speed up communication and prevent misunderstandings for the web designers

Some of the must-know web development concepts and theories of web development that a designer must acquire or possess are:

           1.     Always provide your client with the most reliable and clear specifications of how to develop the website.                         This plays an important role as the web designers totally depend on the specifications the developer’s quote. The designers start work based on the given quotation. Any changes can lead to a lot of confusion.

         2.      For a web designer, it is essential to understand the requirements that are needed to develop a website.

         3.     While developing a website one should always chalk out a proper strategy on how to develop the site while the designer has to start thinking about the ways for creating the best design. If these two theories are left out then both the designers and the developers has to end up with a lot of errors.

         4.     If a web designer gets to understand how data is stored then it might make it easier for the designer to do his job more accurately. It will also aid the understand the decisions, a developer needs to make in order to store data for use on the site and the reason why a small change easily makes the site more viable and useful.

         5.     For a web designer source or version control is not a necessary tool to understand or even learn, but the reason a designer must have a basic knowledge of this system is because it helps to prevent loss of data by creating a backup for your work.  It can be remotely accessed from anywhere or from any locations.

         6.      All web developers reuse code whenever possible. This saves time and repeated mistakes. Many code editors allow you to store code as snippets or clips, there are also standalone tools designed for this purpose.

         7.     It’s always a responsible thing to hand over all your hard work to a third party for your client. This is mainly important for collecting payments and sending out emails.

          8.   Clients normally provide cheap hosting by offering very little in terms of support… If more sites exist on a shared server then your site is likely to run slowly and you may see connection errors with the database server as it has too much traffic to cope with.

So in order to make your site to load quickly and your host have to pay a little more than usual.


The above theory proves that there are certain concepts that are needed by web designers to understand the logic of the web developers. If the designers stay clear of the ideas mentioned it won’t be a problem for them to work in tandem with the web development team.