Durga Puja Pandal Hopping in Kolkata Using Google Map – 2023

Waiting for one long year has ended. The biggest festival of the Bengalis has started. Pandal hopping during the Puja, especially Durga Puja in West Bengal, India, is a popular and exciting tradition. Durga Puja is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in the region, and it involves the worship of the Hindu goddess Durga. People eagerly wait for Durga Puja due to its significance as a major Hindu festival, celebrating the goddess Durga’s triumph over evil. It’s a time for family reunions, cultural festivities, and feasting on delicious Bengali cuisine. The elaborate pandal decorations and artistic displays also draw crowds, creating a sense of community and cultural pride. Durga Puja is not just a religious event but a vibrant social and cultural celebration that brings joy and togetherness to people’s lives.

How we enjoy Durga puja in Kolkata

In Kolkata, the days of Durga Puja are a whirlwind of excitement and celebration. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the festival by embarking on pandal hopping adventures, exploring the intricate and imaginative decorations, participating in cultural performances, and indulging in delicious Bengali cuisine from street vendors. Families and friends come together to share the joy of the festivities, creating an atmosphere of unity and merriment. It’s a time when the entire city comes alive, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit.
Despite the fact that it is a festival of Bengal, people of all religions share efforts, join the crowd and make it so colorful. It is one of the examples of unity in diversity as mentioned in our constitution.

The most enjoyable part during the Durga Puja is pandal hopping.


You love it, isn’t it?

Let’s highlight the convenience of modern technology in enhancing the traditional aspects of the festival. Let us chalk out our plan with Google Map

Some Must-Visit Puja Pandals In Kolkata

North Kolkata

  • Sree Bhumi Sporting Club: Paris Disneyland
  • Santosh Mitra Square: Ayodhya Ram Mandir
  • College Square: Mysore Palace
  • Kashi Bose Lane: Industry or agriculture – which part is more important? Artist: Pradip Das
  • Kumortuli Park: Ambition

South Kolkata

  • Naktala Udayan Sangha: “Hridaypur”
  • Mudiali Club: All metal, no fabric
  • Ekdalia Evergreen Club: Jain Temple, Maharashtra
  • Singhi Park: Rajasthan puppet dance
  • Babubagan Sarbojanin: Museum of Jodhpur


  • Barisha Club: Re-creation amidst devastation Artist: Sri Rintu Das
  • Behala Notun Dol: Fuchka’s Pandal
  • Chetla Agrani: Je Jekhane Dariye” (Where one stands) Artist: Subrata Bandyopadhyay
  • Suruchi Sangha: “ Ma tor aki onge ato rup” ( Mother: You have so many personalities) Artist: Subrata Bandyopadhyay
In Kolkata there are a huge number of Pujas which are worth visiting. It becomes impossible to visit all the places without any proper route map. We believe every puja has its own uniqueness and all are best within their limitations. We must salute all puja committees, administration of Kolkata and volunteers for their restless efforts and present such a beautiful festival, which is now declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, in 2021.

When going pandal hopping during Durga Puja, it’s a good idea to carry some essentials to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

While enjoying the festivities, it’s important to remember the significance of respect and responsible behavior. By adhering to the guidelines we’ve outlined, such as avoiding littering, being considerate of others, and respecting the cultural and religious aspects of the event, we can ensure that the joy and harmony of pandal hopping continue for generations to come.
As you venture from one pandal to the next, be open to the colors, sounds, and flavors that surround you. Take in the intricate craftsmanship, savor the delectable food, and immerse yourself in the joy of the festival. Pandal hopping isn’t just about seeing, but about feeling and experiencing the heart and soul of the celebration.

Pandal Hopping with Google Maps in Kolkata and nearby

We are the first to offer you Durga puja route guides using Google map to help pandal hoppers in Kolkata and nearby places. We have designed the route in such a way so it will be hassle free. It will also save your energy and money without missing any popular pujas. And please don’t miss our suggestion and emergency contacts given below. It will make your puja days safe and secure.
So, being part of this great festival Shirsendu and Team will guide you to visit the popular pujas of Kolkata through Google map.
We will guide you well to reach your dream pandal through the proper route. No matter from which place you come to visit them, it will make your journey easy and hassle-free. Just click on the below links to locate your choice of pandals in north Kolkata / south Kolkata or central Kolkata.
Let’s start with Dumdum area (view on map) , which is waiting for us with more than 16 magnificent puja pandals that can not be missed. (21 km, 2.5 hours by car and walk). This includes:
  • Sreebhumi (Must-Visit)
  • Lake town Adhibasi brindo
  • Dumdum Park Tarun Sangha
  • TelengaBagan
  • Gouribari Sarbojonin
  • And many more….
Heading to the North? Let’s follow the detailed route map of North and Central Kolkata (view on map)  which Includes 21 puja pandals, approximately 15 Km, and about 5 hrs of walking. This starts from Park Circus and ends at Sovabazar. Some popular puja names are given below.
  • Taltala Sarbojanin
  • College Square (Must-Visit)
  • Santosh Mitra Square / Lebutola (Must-Visit)
  • Chalta bagan
  • Bagbazar Sarbojonin
  • Kumartuli Park (Must-Visit)
  • Ahiritola Sarbojanin Durgotsab
  • And many more in the route….
Come, Let’s spend a day in Chetla, Kalighat, Hazra and Khidirpore area exploring the mind blowing art work of Pandals and the idols also . It’s really impossible to miss any of these. Once a year, it’s really the time to explore a lot of creativity. Puja days come to us as a vacation. But instead of taking rest, we love to go out day and night and enjoy life to the fullest.
This route will take 7hrs, 28 km walking. So, avail bus/car from Harish Mukherjee park to Khidderpur to save time and energy or visit Khidirpur another day. A separate map is given below.
  • Haridevpur Athletic
  • Haridevpur 41 Pally
  • Ajeya Sanhati
  • Putiyari Club
  • Naktala Udayan
  • Pallimangal Samity
  • Trikon Park
  • Jodhpur Park
  • Selimpur
  • Badamtola Ashar Songho
  • Chetla Agrani (Must-Visit)
  • Suruchi Sangha (Must-Visit)
  • Many more
In the Khidderpore area (view on map) , there are a number of beautiful puja pandals, which are worth expressing. They can not be missed. The most famous 10 puja pandals will take at least 3km of walking that will consume approximately 2 hours.
  • 25 Pally
  • 74 Pally
  • 75 Pally
  • Udayan Khidderpore
  • Khidderpore Milan Sangha
  • Venus Club
  • And more….
You must visit pandals in the Southern part of the City of Joy (view on map), where tradition meets the modern essence. This includes 18 puja pandals, approximately 15 Km, and about 5 hours of walking.
  • Mudiali
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Deshapriya Park
  • Singhi Park Sarbojanin (Must-Visit)
  • Ekdalia Evergreen (Must-Visit)
  • Maddox Square
  • Ballygunge Cultural
  • Bosepukur
  • And many more in the route….
Behala (view on map)  has set a new trend in the history of Kolkata Durga Puja. Pandal hopping is incomplete without visiting these pandals. Here you will get to see some eye-catching works of artistry. (25km, 5hrs)
  • 29 Palli
  • Buroshibtala Durga Utsav
  • Barisha Club (Must-Visit)
  • Behala Natun Dal (Must-Visit)
  • Behala Adorsho Pally
  • Behala Friends
  • SB Park
  • And many more in the route….

Pandal Hopping suggestion:

  1. Proper identity card
    • Everybody must carry Identity card/s provided by Govt. (Voter card/driving lic. /passport, etc.
    • Children must be given an identity card with their address and guardian’s phone Number.
  2. Clothings
    • Covered and comfortable Shoes & Socks
    • Breathable Clothes
  3. Carry a kit bag with…
    • Band-Aids and antacid medicines
    • Dry and wet tissue
    • Umbrella or Rain Gear: There is forecasting of rain from 24-27 Oct.
    • Water bottle and little foods
  4. Use public transport
  5. Avoid Street-food & long packed snacks
  6. Make sure your purse bag and other things are safe
  7. Control noise pollution
  8. Avoid misunderstandings and chaos
  9. Help others to hopping pandals
  10. Meet the people and culture of the CITY OF JOY.

Emergency Contacts:

Police 112 OR 100
Fire Brigade 101
Ambulance 102
Medical Helpline 9830079999
Senior Citizen Helpline 9830088884
Child Helpline 1098
Women Helpline 1091
TRAFFIC Helpline 1073
Source: https://cag.gov.in/uploads/subsite_whats_new/eMERGENCY-nUMBERS-05efee5d17f1cd0-58102758.pdf

So, what are you waiting for? Dress up and come out of your house and gather the oxygen for one more year.

Let’s be a part of this grand celebration.

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