The Importance of Typography on the Web

The Importance of Typography on the Web

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. Today we will discuss The Importance of Typography on the Web.

 Now-a-day web design and mobile application, there is a great need for everyone to experience something that looks and feels good. Typography is a very common word for designers. It doesn’t matter that you are a graphics designer or a web designer. Its plays an important role in both design categories.

What is Typography?

Typography is an art and technique of arranging font type. Many people never think about Typography and don’t understand its psychological effects. Typography is 90% of all designs. Typography1

Why Typography Is Important?

  • It is a medium of communication:Every website is related to any kind of business or some specific product. When we go to any site we can easily determine what sort of information they provide. This is due to the use of typography. The arrangement of the contents, the colours and fonts is a way of communication between the visitor and the website owner.
  • It attracts readers: The main thing is to select a perfect font. It should be clean and easy to read. Using the right fonts is an easy key to presentation. The fonts add value to our text. The correct choice of colour, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting our target audience.
  • It holds the audience’s attention: It’s easy to attract the readers using typography but holding their attention requires more creativity. If used effectively, typography can make them look attractive. The correct approach might be the use of some attractive graphics.
  • It helps to create harmony: If we use typography and repeat the same pattern all over in our presentation, then it creates harmony. It is the leading feature in typography design. The harmonic design provides an artistic effect on our website. Using the same font for similar contents provides continuity. The alignment of fonts with correct size in our presentation makes it perfect.
  • Limit Font Choices: It is a very important point for web design. If we use too many fonts, our website can become too busy and distracting for our reader. So best is to choose between two and four fonts, and use them with great consideration.

We can choose fonts from here:

Typography2 Google offers many web fonts that can be downloaded for free but it is important to be aware that not all of them display well across different browsers and platforms. Websites should always be checked to ensure that they are web safe and render consistently. However, in today’s mobile-first world, developers must now check that fonts are legible on smaller screens and in different browsers.