Things to remember before an encounter with a client

The job of a freelance web developer is very challenging. He alone has to handle everything starting from project bidding, conversation with clients, negotiation, project submission, etc. Thus, a freelancer has a number of things going on in his head.

Final submission of project is a very crucial point, because that is the moment, which decides whether you are being paid, or have to rework on the project all over again. Website development is not a simple project, which you can deliver just like that, sealed inside an envelope. A freelancer should keep certain things in mind when the time of submission approaches. Always remember clients can be tough and difficult to melt, so you have to play your cards wisely so that the client approves your project at the first encounter.

Know your client

It is very important to know your client before the actual presentation day; it will allow learning about the likes and dislikes of the person whom you are dealing with. Being a freelance web developer or designer makes you obey the demands of your client, which a big company can easily neglect.

Knowing your target enhances your experience preparing for the big day.

Confirm every project detail after completion of the project and a few days before the final submission. Also, get ideas who will you be talking to and if there will be more people. If you know the name of the person you will be conversing with, find out things about him/her. The person may have a portfolio or a social network profile. Get some clues what may impress him even better if you get to connect with them beforehand. If the project is big enough and needs any assistance to finish within deadline, do not hesitate to hire some help. Act wisely, so that your impression does not walk towards the negative side.

It is all about the great presentation

If you are a freelance designer, your presentation must have some great design elements that reflect your quality of work. Think hard to make it more interesting and appealing to the audience. Often a basic project succeeds in winning hearts with an impressive presentation. Tips to improve a presentation:

  • Audio visual effect
  • Double or triple check every content before finalizing.
  • See if the contents are easy to read
  • Use 3D technology for a powerful presentation

Now is the time to explain your idea

It is not necessary your idea will be a hit amongst the audience. They may not like the idea much or worse if they are not impressed at all. The best ways to make them like the final work is to explain them how can they benefit out of it and why have you decided to use your ideas. Well, a freelance web designer should have a sales trait in order to sell their service. The marketing and sales skill will help you to gain trust of the audiences and make them believe the product is beneficial for them.

Do your homework

No one knows the project better than you do, utilize the opportunity to explain your point of view to the audience. Do a proper study and prepare your lines to sum up in a short description without leaving any crucial point. Keep in mind the time, a brief presentation helps to leave a good impact. Include some interesting points or examples for a better understanding. Rehearse a few times before the final day. To conclude, a freelancer should focus on the requirement of their clients to offer them a complete package. An impressive work coupled with an eye catching presenting is sure to win a client’s consent.