Tips for Making SEO Friendly E-commerce Sites

This very true that everyone wants to be in higher rank than his competitors in web world. SEO tricks and tactics help you to get your e-commerce site pinned to the top, failing which you may lose your place. Whether you are starting with a new website or improving your existing one, these suggestions may help you for crossing your SEO hurdles.   Research   Research is the most important and primary factor of SEO. First you find out the keywords for your homepage and your product pages. Wrong keywords can ruin your venture of making a top rated website. You can go for keywords that are highly relevant to your brand or products, that that have a high exact match search volume (local, not global) in Google’s free AdWords Keyword tool, and that have a low difficulty score from Moz’s keyword tool. Don’t choose too long or too competitive keywords.   Blogs   Another good way to acquire good rank in search engine page is through blogs. With a blog, you can optimize each post for a keyword that you are not targeting with the main pages of the site. The blogs should be enriched with good quality, information, it has to be reader friendly also. For this you need to hire an experienced writer with a sound knowledge of your industry and SEO also.   Link Building   A good quality of inbound links will always help your site to attract more traffics as being a good and well-ranked website.   Domain name   A good domain name which is not at all loaded with lots of keywords is always in demand. It must be considered that domain should have a higher expiry period.   Social sharing functionality   Most of the people are connected through social media. Try to implement popular social sharing functionality to your site, so that it will be easy for the visitors to share their products online.   Minimum loading time   Maximum loading time will let your traffics move away to another site which takes less time to load. So always try to focus on the graphics. Include captcha and minimize the flashing image.   Proper use of Header Tags   The header tag is used to define the heading, title of the content. There are different header tags available such as H1, H2, H3 which should be applied properly to maintain the proper content flow and bring great impression to your site.   ALT attributes of Image Tag   The search engine crawler can never decode the image so it is good if you include the ALT attributes with short and complete information.   Optimizing a site is not at all any easy job. All the above-mentioned points are the basic things that need to be followed and above all a continue research and development will have to move on. All these can make your e-commerce site SEO friendly and grab good rank in search engines.