Top 5 application a web designer should have in their mobile devices

Adobe Shadow

Adobe shadow is doing a remarkable job helping web developers and designers to make the process of testing and the HTML and CSS codes on a number of mobile devices. It is a free software so you can easily download it from the trusted site.

You can connect a number of devices to the computer and run the scripts to see live changes in the codes.

Platforms compatible: IOS and Android

Download :


Dropbox is a virtual place where documents, photo files, etc. You can download drop box in your computers, mobile device. You can store your important files in the drop box and be sure never to lose them. Even if your computer stops working, you won’t be losing your documents.

Most of the mobile devices have inbuilt drop box application so you don’t have to download it. Platforms compatible:IOS, Windows and Android


it is very important to have a proper time tracker in order to work in a manageable way. It saves time and also helps to keep track of projects in an orderly manner. Harvest is just the right application which lets the person keep a track of every work. It’s easy and fast interface helps to input data super-fast saving a good amount of productive time.

Mostly freelance web designers run more than one project at a time, they need to keep track of every single project, things like percentage of completion, deadline, project fees, etc. A proper time tracker will help to manage the projects in a smooth way.

Platforms compatible: IOS and Android


A very important task of any developer is to make wireframes. And what if you can do so even on the go? Well, yes imockups exactly give you the freedom to build wireframes. The freedom of cut, copy, edit lets the designer to draw their imaginations on the small device. Why wait till you reach office? This app allows you to begin designing on your iPhone.

Platforms compatible: IOS

Share board

Share board is a whiteboard which allows the user to draw and sketch on the device. One can even start a discussion within the share board network as under a single Wi-Fi network 4 persons can have access to the application. Also you can connect with Bluetooth, also you can use it in a projector mode.

Platforms compatible: IOS