Top 5 plugin for WordPress

WordPress is the best open source platform to build your website. It has become one of the most favorite open source software and it is used by experts all over the world. For a better website experience, a number of plugins are now available. By using these WordPress plugin the daily work will be a lot easier.

SEO Yoast

SEO is the most important part of a website. People are investing thousands of dollars on optimization. If you don’t want to invest such a lump some amount yet want proper optimization for your site. The Yoast SEO plugin is the best tool which can help. It takes care of all the required basic SEO, not only that one gets proper guidance from the plugin while writing a content.

  • Focused keyword- It helps by providing you the focus keyword and suggests you write using those keywords.
  • Full page analysis- Even if you forget the small correction like inserting focus keyword in the Meta description or adding images to the post, putting subheads, etc. The plugin will help you take care of all these things that are very important for search engine optimization.
  • Meta links- This great SEO plugin will help to insert Meta tags and links automatically for every content you post.
  • Social share button- SEO and social media goes hand in hand, Yoast plugin helps in social sharing as well.

Back up buddy

A very useful plugin for WordPress users is Backup Buddy. You surely don’t want to experience a crash and lose all your data from the website. To remain tension free and get automatic backup of your site, get this plugin right now.

  • Complete backup- A complete backup includes not only your WordPress data, but the entire library, files and other plugins.
  • Easy to use- Just a simple installation and then you don’t even have to think about it twice.


This plugin helps to turn the visitors to subscribers, which helps in business generation

  • Different form option-You can get a number of different form options to choose from. This is a visually appealing. From a floating bars to sidebar forms, you can choose from a different options.
  • A/B test- This test enables you to test which content or headlines works best to increase the conversion rate.
  • Built in analytics- A proper analytics to get a report which optin fits best for your site.


It is a reliable plugin that helps in making slider smoothly without any mess.

  • Security- It is one of the fastest plugin which uses the dynamic asynchronous Ajax preloading technology which helps you to stay ahead in competition.
  • Watch videos- A reliable integration with the popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo lets you watch videos anytime you want.


To establish a great rapport with the viewers a comment box is a must at the end of every article. This plugin helps to connect with people by providing an easy access to the discussion box.

  • SEO friendly- All the comments are indexed properly so that it is recognized by the search engines.
  • Open existing comments- When a comment box is filled with huge number, the plugin lets you read the previous comments.
  • Auto backup- Every comment in the discussion box is taken in store with the auto backup feature.