What are benefits of web design


What is Web design?


Web design refers to the design of web pages that are displayed online. It could be compared to a copy of online pages which has a main page or cover page called homepage. It usually refers to the look and feel of the website rather than software or website development. So, you may say that web design makes the first impression to the user, in order to make it catchy it has to be made according to the needs of the clients. Keeping it in mind, we should make it look corporate and sober initially.


What does a web designer do?


The role of a web designer is to visualize, create and code to some extent the online sites and web pages. Basically, it is the look and feel of the site which should always be professional to draw the attention of preferred customers. A web designer’s role is to create the design and layout of a website with a basic application of coding. They work with pictures, graphics, video and audio clips, animations, slide shows, etc.


What Are The Types of Website Design?


The types of website designs are as follows:

  • Single page
  • Static website
  • Dynamic website
  • Responsive design
  • Liquid design
  • Fixed design
  • F-shape layout
  • Z-shape layout

What are the benefits of web design


The main benefit of web design is to grow the ability of developing products which add value to customers’ needs. The professional look and feel of the web design makes a deep impact on a visitor’s mind.

Therefore, web design is indispensable to make the first impression to the user turning him into a customer with the overall display of the site.  

Here are some benefits of web design:

  • Creates the first impression
  • Be updated to stand above the competitors
  • Higher Revenue
  • Improves ranking
  • Hold your visitors for a longer time
  • Saves time
  • Keep the pages simpler
  • Creates brand identity

Creates the first impression


The first impression leaves a great impact on the visitor. The look and feel of the site should be like that people are forced to stay and surf for more better feelings.


Be updated to stand above your competitors


The website’s business has to be showcased well, in order to survive in the tough competitions with other companies in similar business.


Higher Revenue


A professional website draws the attention of the visitors. The purpose of the site is to hold the visitors for more time. More they look into the pages the more they will find interest and the more they will become customers to higher the revenue for the business.


Improves the rankings


To hold the top rankings in famous search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, the website has to be equipped well with a good content management system along with thorough correct SEO.


Hold your visitors for a longer time


Saves time


With a professional website design from the beginning the visitors are going to save time rather than giving the work opportunity to any unprofessional, amateur website.


Keep the pages simpler


Keeping the webpages simpler helps the designer to edit the functionalities later. Professional websites follow this rule and keep the design simple.


Creates brand identity


To higher the scope of credibility a good web design creates a Brand Identity.


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