In today’s business world online presence is almost mandatory. Research results show that online business is growing at a very high speed.

The important is the implementation of proper technology according to the requirement. In our methodology, we combine technology and emotion. I need to implement perfect technology for proper customization of your product, to value and emphasize your thought on your product.

A CMS is one type of such applications that a system to manage contents shown in websites managing text of pages and users that have different levels of access to manage this content.

I use Content management framework (CMF), to facilitate the use of components or customize them for managing Web content. It shares aspects of a Web application framework and a Content management system (CMS). These are the latest up-to-date functions required to design, build, and develop a web product.

With a CMS, you can manage web content; With a Web framework, you build web applications even a CMS. But both functions are depended upon CMF.

A web (application) framework is a lower level, generic toolkit for the development of web applications using any type of system managing and processing data and services to human users via web browsers and other interactive clients as well as machines via the http protocol.

I use framework as a platform in which software generics can be selectively changed by additional user-written codes to create specific customized applications, products and solutions. I include support programs, compilers, code libraries, tool sets, and application programming interfaces (APIs) together all the different components to enable development of a client specific solution. I utilize the complete advantage of its distinguishing features and create my own Application Management Frameworks to facilitate web components for client’s requirements combining with required CMS.



I have created a unique AMF or Web Application Framework solution named RUBIC to assist specialized programming.

I also work on several top quality CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and OpenCart to renovate and integrate extensions you’re your typical functions.

Under my supervision, my techno-mates combine the CMS, CMF and our own AMF utilities to create and develop customized functions for web solutions required for client’s web product. Actually, the nature of client’s site and application differs to my choice of combination of CMS utilities. I and my team put all the creative program add-ons to enrich the product.

Finally, I promise to offer error-free web development to my customers with my unique technical aspects.