eCommerce Extensions

Certain CMS platforms offer exceptional integration capabilities, allowing for the seamless incorporation of various extensions, such as plugins, necessary for developing e-business utility features. This transforms specific websites into fully functional eCommerce platforms.merce. Certain extensions of similar CMS are required to develop a specific ecommerce utility to a site created with same CMS. Like, if you already have built a site on WordPress CMS and ask for some suitable eCommerce activities to add on there you have to find an expert who has an excellent command over WordPress extensions. The reason is every extension of a CMS is created with a different purpose. You need to use the selective extension to create a selective utility. So, in sense of such development, the knowledge of different extensions of different CMS is required to utilize them suitably for customized requirements.

I and my team have mastered the art of integrating different eCommerce extensions of all leading CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. We have gained several experiences in this industry on this particular development arena.

WordPress Extensions

WordPress Extensions

I prefer to work on the following WordPress Extensions or Plug-ins, a few of the lot, to customize ecommerce utilities on your site:

WooCommerce (flexible, strong, customizable, compatible with themes and modules, payment gateway with several options, google analytics and social sharing power, etc.),

WP e-Commerce (seamless integration, compatible with themes and modules, widget support, shortcode and template tag features, customizable with custom HTML and CSS, numerous Payment Gateway options, market ready multiple options on product promotion and selling modes, Google integrations, SEO ready, etc.),

iThemes (14000+ downloads, easy product adding, PayPal integration, custom management to run your e-store your way),

Cart66 Lite (easiest to use, integrate to Amazon S3, manage orders, run promotions, calculate taxes, provide multiple shopping options, place product on your site, integrate platforms, custom email receipt sending, set currencies etc.),

MarketPress (WPMUdev plug-ins, compatible, AJAX based, several payment gateways, Google analytics, countless product variations, shipping coupons, sale pricing),

Easy Digital Downloads (Multiple payment gateways, payment history, promotional codes, cart systems, bundle purchase, sales chart),

Shopp (Self security cart, catalog management, customer accounts, JavaScript enabled, easy to install and use, multiple image options, SEO friendly, compatible with WordPress themes and plug-ins),

Eshop (WordPress posts and pages, custom posts, customer sign-ups, multiple lists, multiple products, several shipping, compatible, multiple payment gateways and tax calculation)

According to requirement, I also use Extra WordPress eCommerce Plug-ins as Table Rate Shipping, Social Coupon, PayPal File Download-WordPress Plug-ins, WooCommerce SEO, Product Countdown WordPress Plug-ins, KISSmetrics, Clicky by Yoast, Bootstrap CDN, WooCommerce Currency Converter, WooCommerce Social Log-in and Checkout Plug-in etc.
I believe you have got some idea on difference of extensions on a particular CMS, the reason why we have to gain expertise on them and why we diversify to them. I also work on other popular and useful CMS extensions on eCommerce as

Joomla Extensions

According to client specification, sometimes I have to work on Joomla Plug-ins. Joomla provides several extensions categorized on different utility requirements as Auction, Billing & Invoices, Credit & Point Systems, Donations, e-Commerce Integrations, Gifts and Coupons, Membership and Subscription, Paid Download, Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart, webERP etc.

The advantage of working with Joomla extensions these are very much specific in features to categories. Here are a few top Joomla extension which my team has mastered expertise as VirtueMart, JoomShopping, HikaShop, Red Shop, Simple Caddy, OSE, PayWhirl, CMLiveDeal, CMDonation, Code Seller, Simple Renew and latest inventions like Media Mail Factory, JD iDeal Gateway, Ecwid, RSMembership, VirtuMart New Extensions etc.

joomla Extensions
Drupal Extensions

Drupal Extensions

According to client specification, the same way Drupal also has provided several categorized eCommerce extensions. In different categories like


PayMill, FirstData, be2bill, PayLeap, worldline, Skrill, PayPal, American Express Payment gateway, amzon payments, FuturePay, Commerce Reverse Payments, Commerce cash on Delivery, Commerce Card on File etc.

Shipping Fulfillment

Shipping and Fulfillment:

Kiala, Colissimo, Commerce Flat Rate, Commerce Shipping, Commerce Delivery etc.


Commerce Express Checkout, Commerce Minimum or Maximum Order Amount, Commerce Checkout Progress, Commerce Giftwrap, Commerce Addressbook, Commerce Checkout Redirect, Commerce Checkout Login, etc.

Price Discount

Price and Discount:

Commerce Discount, Commerce Donate, Commerce Coupon Percentage, Commerce Price Savings Formatter, Commerce Credits etc.


Commerce Add to Cart Confirmation, Commerce Cart View Override, Commerce Views Display, Commerce Cart Ajax etc.