Freelance Online Marketing India


Every online presence needs proper online or digital marketing too. If your site has a good design, superb functionality developed, it never means that your business presence would be visible to the type of customer you are trying to reach. It is search engine optimization (SEO) or the search engine marketing that brings any online business to the notice of targeted visitors.

The entire process of SEO generally has many parts. Now we may have a look at some of the service types that can market any online business effectively.

Organic Search marketing

The word organic here means, the optimization process that does not involve the paid advertisements in the search engines. Just applying the general techniques (off page and on page) visibility of the online businesses can be improved. Here works the experience and the expertise of the search engine optimizer. I have a team of optimizer who have achieved considerable success in client requirement of SEO and SEM services.

Paid search Marketing

The organic search marketing is little bit time consuming. There is no question of the effectiveness of that type of search engine marketing. But the point of paid ad marketing is to get faster results. There various ways of paid search marketing ploys that can bring fast results. Almost all the search engines offer different types of paid advertise marketing services. These are called the pay per click ads, cost per click campaigns and so on.

Here as a business owner you have to remember that the optimizer need to be experienced enough to run your paid ad marketing services. If you bestow the responsibility to the inexperienced people then there is a huge chance of draining your money. But you never have to be worried as my team is expert in handing all types of online presence.


Anyways, if you need any kind of SEO/SEM services, feel free to contact me. My team and SEO packages are highly affordable and result oriented. We assure the best SERP and ranking for our client’s site.