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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in hypertext preprocessor language and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as "Themes". Wikipedia

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WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful application. However, you will definitely run into technical issues from time to time. These WordPress errors can be frustrating and take up precious time.


Few common WordPress errors are as follows:

Start troubleshooting WordPress

It can be difficult to determine the cause of a WordPress error. Therefore, we recommend that you start the problem with some general strategies that can solve the problem.

You can start clearing the cache. Caching helps your browsers load websites faster by saving data. By cleaning it, you can get rid of outdated content, which may be enough to solve your problem.

Also consider updating your WordPress theme, plugins, and core. Also, if you encounter an error after downloading a new plugin or theme, disabling it may be the solution.

Finally, we recommend making a regular backup of your site. If a fatal error cannot be fixed, these copies can help you recover the page without losing too much information.

1. The white screen of death

The white screen of death is exactly what it sounds like: a blank, featureless screen. Occasionally, it might display an error message:
There are two common culprits behind this issue: plugins and themes. These may cause compatibility issues that prevent you from accessing your site.

However, there are a number of other possible causes as well. Check out our article on fixing the WordPress white screen of death for a full list of potential roots and helpful solutions.

The white screen of death is exactly what it sounds like: a blank screen with no functionality. Sometimes an error message may appear:
There are two common causes of this problem: plugins and themes. This may cause compatibility issues that prevent you from accessing the site.

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2. 400 errors

400 errors are available in different forms from 400 to 499. But they are all HTTP customer errors. In short, they can usually be associated with the problem of communicating with your server.
There are different solutions to different customer error codes. Some individual codes, such as 401 errors and forbidden errors 403, have different possible solutions. We, at Shirsendu and Team, the best freelance wordpress website development company in Kolkata, India, are always here to serve you at any point.

3. Internal server error

These 500 errors can be a mystery. Rarely do you get different information from the name: All you know is that your server has fallen.

Due to this lack of clarity, internal errors on the server usually require small problem solving. However, the good news is that you can fix it with some of the steps. We are always here to solve 500 internal server errors and fix your problem.

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4. Memory limit error

Memory -Limit error can be detected at your hosting provider. Depending on your plan, you usually present a server memory series. If you cross that limit, you will see this error.

The fastest solution is to increase your PHP memory as it is visible in the sixth stage that uploads our http image. If you are constantly responding to this memory limit, you may want to consider modernizing your hosting plan. Come to us. We will solve your problem.

5. Error establishing database connection

For correct operation, your WordPress site must connect to the MySQL database. But if something is wrong with this process, you will probably see this message:

Your users do not see your content and you will not be able to access your dashboard, this is quite easy to improve. To start, check your database credentials. But these kinds of problems are curable by experts only. So, it is advisable to contact us.


6. Site Migration

Over the years, WordPress has become "the most trusted CMS in the world" thanks to its large developer community, countless plugins and features, and SEO scalability.

Migrating WordPress may seem like a relatively simple process, but when you're done, you often run into a lot of problems. Whether you're moving to a new host, to a new domain name, or to an HTTPS address, here are some issues that you'll face.

  • Losing files
  • Downtime During Migration
  • phpMyAdmin Timing Out
  • URLs in Posts Not Working
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Error Establishing a Database Connection
  • SSL Certificate issues

7. WordPress Site set up issue

  • WordPress Not Sending Email Issue. ...
  • WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode. ...
  • Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds Breaking Issue. …
  • Facebook Incorrect WordPress Thumbnail. ...
  • WordPress White Screen of Death. ...
  • WordPress Memory Exhausted Error. ...
  • Connection Timed out Error in WordPress. ...
  • Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress.

8. Failed Auto-Upgrade

There will be situations when the WordPress auto-update feature fails. Symptoms include:

A blank white screen and no information.
A warning that the update failed.
A PHP error message.

The WordPress auto-update feature can fail due to a connection error with the WordPress core files, an internet connection problem during the update, or incorrect file permissions.

9. Connection Timed Out

A connection timeout occurs when your website is trying to do more than the server can handle. This is common with shared hosting where memory limits are limited. Here are some things you can try.

Disable all plugins. If disabling all WordPress plugins on your site solved the problem, re-enable them one by one to see which plugin is causing the problem. If you don't have access to the admin screen, see how to disable the plugin manually.

Switch to the default WordPress theme. If you're using WordPress version 5.8 or higher, please upgrade to Twenty Twenty One, as Twenty Twenty Two requires version 5.9 and higher. This should solve any issues with the theme.

Increase the memory limit of the wp-config.php file. If you use shared hosting, you may need to ask your hosting provider to increase your memory limit.

Increase the maximum running time of the php.ini file. These are not core WordPress files, so if you're not sure how to change them, contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase the maximum runtime. See the instructions below to increase the maximum completion time.


10. Pretty Permalinks 404 and Images not Working

If you get 404 errors when loading images with smart permalinks and a white screen, Apache may not have mod_rewrite enabled by default. Mod_rewrite is a software extension module for the Apache web server that allows you to rewrite URLs. Here's what you need to get your beautiful permalinks working.

This is often experienced by multi-site WordPress networks, but can also happen to shared hosting providers or after moving a site or server.

Reset permalinks in Settings > Permalinks. If this does not help, you may need to manually edit the .htaccess file.

11. Custom Post Type 404 Errors

You may experience problems with 404 errors and custom post types. Try the following steps:

Make sure that none of the custom post types and individual pages have the same name. If so, rename one page including the slug.
Log in to your WordPress admin screens, go to Settings > Permalinks. Choose default permalinks. Savings Then select your preferred permalinks again. This will clear the rewrite rules and should solve your problem.


Specific Error Messages

There are a number of different errors that will appear in your error logs. To access your error logs you will need to turn on debugging and then locate your error log via FTP. The following information will help you to decipher some of the common error messages.

PHP Errors

Below are some common PHP error messages.

Fatal Errors and Warnings

Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Call to undefined function

You may be using an incompatible WordPress plugin or theme. This can happen with older versions of WordPress and new WordPress plugins, or if you're trying to use a WordPress plugin for multiple sites on one site. To resolve this issue, update WordPress.
You may be trying to call a function that doesn't exist. Check Functions.php for typos.
Try disabling the WordPress plugin or changing the WordPress theme that is causing the error. If you can't do this from the admin screen, you may need to do it manually via FTP.

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