Mobile apps development

mobile apps development inner

Once you're onboard, mobile app development services become one less thing to worry about. I can offer you any kind of (irrespective of application platforms) mobile application development services on:

  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • iOS / iPhone / iPad
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

Let’s have a look on types of technologies dealt with in different mobile application platforms


Technologies Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Languages Java, C/C++, XML

iOS / iPhone / iPad

Technologies iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Languages Objective-C

Windows Mobile

Technologies .NET Compact Framework
Languages C++, C#, Visual Basic

Windows Phone 7

Technologies .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, XNA
Languages C#


Technologies Java ME, BlackBerry SDK
Languages Java

You can get all types of apps developments that encompass the technologies noted above on respective type of mobile application platforms. You only need to tell me the kind of development you need for meeting your purpose.