“A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Websites are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, such as news, education, commerce, entertainment or social networking.” – Wikipedia … Some famous websites are,, and many many more.


What is Web Designing?


When it comes to website, web design is sure to come. So first we should know, what is it? Web design is similar to a book with pages of information on different segments, in an online display. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

Good navigation, effective pages, working links, smart and precise content, and trendy ways of showcasing your business are the most valuable elements in web design. Keeping the customers requirements in mind the designer should approach suitable color, graphics with the technical aptitude of an individual designer. It will give your business a great start and large expansion ahead.


The key elements of effective web design


If you have a business and want to run it successfully and stand above your competitors, then nothing could be better than having a website with relevant content. There is a vast difference between a website which is so-so and a website which is excellent.


Have a look at the following points to understand the key elements to make a website more effective:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Appealing visual design
  • Trendy content
  • Web browser-friendly
  • Interactive
  • Accessible to information
  • Anticipation of client’s needs
  • Branding
  • Turnaround time
  • Conversion

Easy Navigation


With simple, easy navigation of menus that are well-explained in a short form. For example, the name of the navigation is among a vital part of a trendy site. You should not stick to the menu names that are used for the last 2 decades, instead use some new words to attract people.

Moreover, menu items should be accessible easily from any page. The visitors of the site must know where they are and be definite where to move further.

OLD IS GOLD Being an old idea, it is always good to have a sitemap, to help people understand where they want to be headed next.

Most importantly functionality should be the key to make navigation. If the visitors can easily access an interactive menu and can move to any required part of the site, the purpose is served well and satisfies the visitors.


Appealing visual design


It is always a business owner’s dream to get more web traffic in less time. To make it happen a designer’s responsibility increases to a certain level. He/she should make the website, especially the home page well-organized so that it portrays the entire business briefly.


Trendy content


If the content is fresh, new and full of relevant information, the backbone of your site is built. When it comes to rank on the topmost listing in search engines, good content plays a vital role. If the content is simple, easy to read, informative, brief, to-the-point; it engages more customers making the website effective for business. Thus, the business becomes popular gradually.


Web browser-friendly


Appealing good content could not only make your site one of the best. To be one of the best in your industry your site should be web-friendly. Web-friendly means the site should utilize keywords, meta tags, alt tags that makes them fully equipped in SEO. Make sure that your web designer knows the pros and cons about a site to make it web-friendly.

The site should run well in all the standard web browsers and it should be extensible to meet the recent technologies.




Any kind of communication, movement or conversation between the user and a website is known as interaction. While commenting on a post, by providing feedback, viewing a video, clicking on some offer to move forward, interaction takes place. More interactive your site is, the more important it will get involved in the world of the internet.


Easily Accessible information


Not all visitors to your website are interested in, or have the time to go through the entire site. They may only need to access a phone number or address, or just a certain bit of info. For this reason it is important to place key information in an area that is easily accessible. We all have experienced not being able to locate some important information in a website, and the result always leads to a frustrated visitor who will leave your site annoyingly and will never return again and much less interested to do business with you.


Anticipation of client’s needs


A great website anticipates what your viewer thinks and works directly to their needs. If a visitor is looking for a particular product or service, it is important for you to have that product or service on your display in an easily accessible way. As a result, when the visitor searches for it in a search engine he gets it directly without going through the entire site.

The correct anticipation of your business improves your growth in business.




Your brand should be known to the world mostly with the online presence. By watching the logo, print materials, etc, the visitors should connect with the visual impact of your site. The brand adds credibility and enhances the image that has been portrayed by the company.


Turnaround time


The time taken to complete the designing and developing of the site and to accomplish the functionalities of the site makes a strong impact on the business. If the site takes a shorter period of time to be completed and up, then it is of more value to the customers. Even after the completion of the site if it takes too long to maintain it or to fix any problem, then it creates a negative impact on the business.




All the visitors that come to your site might not become your customer even after visiting your entire site. The conversion rate from visitor to the customer becomes higher if they find the offers lucrative and get interested to be a part of you. To make the conversions higher the web design should be prompt enough to communicate with, simple to understand, have quality products and services, and last but not the least should swiftly deliver the products on time.


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